With Beyonce making a bid for the title role and rumors of McG being considered for the director's chair, it's beginning to look as if the Wonder Woman movie may finally be about to move out of the limbo that it's been in for too long. With that in mind, we asked the current writer of the Wonder Woman comic what she thought of a movie version of her heroine.Simone, who's been writing the character since last November (and is only the third woman ever to write the character, and the first to handle her longterm), gave us her thoughts about where any potential WW movie could go wrong - and what they could do to make things right:

In general, I'm very skeptical of any fake irony when dealing with Wonder Woman. If we're getting some kind of post-modern satire of the Lynda Carter series, I'd rather they just pass on the whole idea entirely. Christopher Reeve showed that the noble characters work best when played nobly. Winking at the audience insults everyone involved. So I guess I'd just hope for the best no matter who was chosen. It would be my fervent hope that they'd look at some of the better WW stories of the last couple decades before making the film... that could only be a positive gesture.

We've already suggested that whoever ends up making the movie could learn a thing or two from Simone's run on the book so far, but agree with that last point; there're a lot of material there for movie makers looking to avoid a camp, retro version of the character. Of course, if they really wanted to make the right move, they could just ask Simone to write the movie (and if they do, I'd like 10% of your fee, Gail).