Wow, McG wasn't kidding when he said that Terminator 4 was going to be all work and no play. This "in between" terminator concept art looks like a half person, half robot, with a pinch of motorbike. It's a broken-down calamity, but scary as hell - which completely fits in the overall look of despair McG has promised fans in the new Terminator Salvation. Check out a gallery of robo-crazies, and prepare for the ultimate battle. Spoilers ahead.

The half man, half bot creation is the T-600, which is not yet Arnold's T-800 and nowhere near the slinky liquid metal look of the T-1000. But look at that cannon he's got attached to his arm - I dare you to try and run away from those shells. Also in this batch are the ginormous Harvesters with a close up on their spying tail. But more important is a close-up look at the Mototerminator. I'm by far and away most excited for the Mototerminator, which are exactly what you think they are, motorcycle terminators. Now as far as I can tell in this robot does NOT unwind into a Wheeler, a la Return To Oz, but you know what? It's one heck of a close call. True, this could be fan art, but it looks so similar to the Hydrobots and Harvesters from the trailer, it's hard to miss the similarity. I'm even more excited now. Who knew a halfway formed Terminator could be as exciting as a terminator that could transform into any shape it pleased? Terminator Salvation will be released in theaters on May 22, 2009. [Filmonic]