This week, we're taking great grasp of the wide spectrum that is scifi comedy. First, there's an excellent new trailer for Turkish comedy, A.R.O.G. (from the minds that brought you G.O.R.A.) where the lovable time traveling carpet salesmen has to help a team of cavemen win a soccer match on a flaming field. Plus, we've got news and stills from a brand new super indie film Blue Lollipop where you see the future of interplanetary desk jobs. On one hand, you can go the campy silly route and, on the other, straight to the space man dick jokes.First, Twitch Film has the latest trailer for Cem Yilmaz's seriously funny A.R.O.G (the sorta sequel to G.O.R.A.). This time, it's all about time travel, and Yilmaz (who penned the movie) has us following around a poor carpet salesman sucked into a time vortex. I know many of you are big fans of Spaceballs, but give me wacky Turkish humor any day. Plus, it looks so well done that I'm really excited about this film and promise to send you all more information the second we find it (as of right now it's just opening in Turkey and Germany in December). Also, if you haven't seen him front and center for the birth of his alien baby, well, I've included that below as well. New Trailer For A.R.O.G.: Click to view First Three Minutes Of A.R.O.G:

In other new sci-fi comedy news, Max Evry has come out with a sci-fi comedy titled Blue Lollipop that follows a bathrobed man who is forced to both work and live inside a cubicle where he remotely pilots a big old space truck over dangerous planets filled with monsters. But what's the point of working all day if you can't share your wealth with the space ladies? So buckle up and watch as the main character tries to get laid and get paid, space style.

Trailer For Blue Lollipop:

Blue Lollipop is screening on November 16th in Brooklyn, NY, at the Petri Space along with "When Midnight Comes" by Jeff Burns. Doors open at 8 PM.