As a child, I was forbidden to eat marshmallowy cereal unless it was a special occasion - - so naturally, like any youth told that they can't have something, I became obsessed. I wanted to know what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pizza cereal tasted like and screamed for a taste of Batman's bowl of bat wings. I've rounded up a collection of cereal boxes and commercials that should bring back so much breakfast nostalgia, you'll get a contact sugar rush. So, pass the milk and lets go on a cereal sugar bender together.

Jurassic Park Crunch This 90s cereal turned your milk the color of dino-vomit. Jurassic Park Crunch had dinosaur and egg shaped marshmallows with whole wheat crunchies, but the biggest draw was the roaring box sweepstakes. If your cereal box roared upon opening, you would get to go to the Jurassic Park island itself, or Universal Studios, I'm not sure which. I just remember being promised dinosaurs. Wheat Hearts and Sugar Jets: Whatever Mr. Peabody wants me to eat I will.

Powerpuff Girls Cereal This 90s cereal combined multi-colored Rice Krispie treat-like bits that were laced with POP ROCKS. Plus the Powerpuff ladies kick major butt.

C-3PO's Star Wars Cereal Kelloggs brought us spacey droid goodness with this 1984 cereal. Their slogan was "A New (crunchy) Force At Breakfast" and had "twin rings phased together for two crunches in every double-O".

Bill And Ted's Excellent Cereal Cinnamon oats and marshmallow notes? Excellent.

Star Wars Cereal General Mills' super new Star Wars cereal made grocery shopping a terror as they slapped Hayden Christensen's face on every single box, thankfully they also gave us plenty of Obi-Wan.

Adams Family Cereal Creepy and cooky cereal from 1991.

E.T. Created in 1984 this E.T. had his own blend of chocolate and peanut butter cereal, which now sells for a whole lot more. One lucky owner sold his box of E.T. at an Australian auction for $800.

Batman Cereal Tiny Bat-symbols from 1989; I always wondered what Bruce Wayne would have thought about this. I also assumed it would taste like Capn' Crunch but instead it tasted just like sugar.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cereal With pizza shaped marshmallows, sold.

Ghostbusters Cereal

Gremlins Cereal Commercial (breaks down half way sorry!) This Cap'n Crunch rip off came out in 1985, just don't eat it after midnight.

GI. Joe Cereal

Star Trek Promo Box The Spock Box. Monster Cereal (With Star Trek Promotion eeek!) Hey - You can't have a cereal post with out giving the original monsters their due.

Seriously, there is so much crazy scifi cereal I couldn't name them all... so I've compiled a gallery of other cereals equally as teeth rotting for your viewing pleasure:

And finally, although I can't justify putting Mr. T on this list, I'm including Pee Wee's breakfast of pancakes and Mr. T cereal, as both are fantastic.

Research by Elizabeth Weinbloom.