If there's one thing that this past week has taught us here at io9, it's not that a historic election can get everyone excited about the future. It's not that people are hopeful in a way that's changed the very atmosphere of a country overnight (albeit a night that many of us spent watching more CNN than is potentially healthy - they had holograms). No, it's that a lot of you really don't like it when we talk about politics. As in, "Screw you guys, I'm going home" don't like it.

The main offender, in most of your eyes, was Annalee's post about a future free of fear of socialism from Monday night, which... well, got some of you kind of upset:

JosephineAluminoid: "Worst part of elections — poorly constructed, poorly thought out political theory invades my non-political blogs. It's like listening to grandma tell me why Herbert Hoover was better than everyone thought. This stuff is so weak, it's not worth arguing. Have fun, vote, support your team, whatever... but please don't quit your day job." rovroman: "officially done reading io9. enjoy your pinko utopia, when the federal budget slowly eclipses the entire gdp, and govt controls every economic decision you make." Daveinva: "I really don't feed the trolls. In this case, sadly, that's you, Annalee." kidneystone: "hooray for IO9. just when i thought they were gonna stay neutral and talk about cool things like SF and giant monsters...they get all Obama on us. great....just cause your in San Francisco." djklaus: "One of the reasons I love this site is that I hear politics at work. I hear politics at the dinner table. I hear it on the radio. In the car. From friends. This is one of those sites i can go to and just enjoy the things I really love (scifi). Well my bubble has just been burst, I guess. Don't just write a fluff piece on Obama and think it's 'scifi' just because you used the phrase 'in the future'." Ubik2501: "Imagine a Gawker where rational, intelligent political debate takes place. Imagine a Gawker that hasn't been hijacked by political bloggers for page hits. Nah, maybe that's too far out there."

Not everyone was necessarily rushing to judgement, however:

Gothamite88: "Other than the "imagine" part, how is this Sci-Fi related?" Grey_Area: "The "imagine" part is pretty crucial to SpecFic. Often the best Science fiction isn't about robots going "pew, pew, pew!" or tentacled horrors slavering/peeing over hot chicks, although that doesn't hurt. It's postulating what splendid dystopias and fucked-up utopias might arise from strange new social or political systems. Annalee's just bouncing ideas off our pointed little skulls hoping that we will reverberate with new ideas and carry the geek-spangled banner of Fandom to ever greater heights. Excelsior! Either that or she's been huffing glue again and [forgotten] which blog she's the editor of."

Point to Grey_Area for channeling Stan Lee with that "excelsior!" and also giving a better explanation of Annalee's intentions than I could've managed. I understand that io9 - and, let's face it, many other sites that normally stay away from politics - may seem to have strayed into an area that you'd rather we didn't over the past few weeks, but there's no getting away from the fact that the election was on everyone's minds, and even though we're an SF, futurism and urban fantasy site, we feel some responsibility (beyond just trying to get hits, as much as that may surprise some of the more cynical amongst you) to reflect what people are talking and thinking about. For those who were upset, we're sorry, but look on the bright side: the next US Presidential Election isn't until 2012, and we'll probably be more interested in the end of the world and timewave zero by then. Or, to put it another way, jajbowler's comment seems appropriate:

looks like this post caused some science friction. that was awful. i'm sorry.