You can admit it, you're amongst friends here; you've always wanted to play with Bruce Campbell. And who can blame you? That chin, those eyes, that resume... It's not every day that you'd get to share quality time with a man who's starred in The Hudsucker Proxy, all three Spider-Mans and, of course, Maniac Cop. Well, that'll all change in April, when you can buy your own $89.99 Bruce Campbell doll.Our favorite part about the Bruce doll (which spins out of the My Name Is Bruce movie)? The accessories:

The fully articulated doll is formed from a 3-D scan of Campbell himself. Besides a custom fabric miniature version of his actual Hawaiian shirt, which was loaned to us by Mr. Campbell, proving that he's the kind of partner who would "give you the shirt off his back," an array of movie-specific accessories are included. Two of these are miniature "angel" and "devil" versions of Mr. Campbell. They attach to his shoulders using hidden magnets. Additionally, we have: Shemps Olde Tyme Whiskey A Bruce collectible toy in melted package Refreshing Lemon Drink bottle A miniature Chins book A big honkin' gun with price tag still attached Puzzled? You won't be once you have seen the movie.

Yes, we know that $90 seems like a lot of money, but come on: How can you say no to this?

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