Click to viewIn a just and sane universe, we would have known the identity of the final Cylon on Battlestar Galactica a long time ago. The Sci Fi Channel chose to break the show's fourth season in half, putting a nine-month gap in the middle of the chain of episodes that reveal the remaining hidden toaster. The good news is, the show took a break right as it was about to unveil that secret, and the clues are all in place. Here's our run-down of all the last-Cylon clues we've gotten so far. This is the first part of our look at clues to Battlestar Season 4.5. The second part, looking at other plot and character hints, will go up tomorrow. First of all, Ron Moore says the final Cylon is not any of the people in this picture:

There's a space for the final Cylon, in between Saul Tigh and Lee Adama. Secondly, D'Anna Biers (Lucy Lawless) implied the final Cylon is not in the fleet, at the start of the most recent episode, "Revelations." It seems unlikely that she's lying. Actually, here's what she says:

Leoben: We'll rejoin your fleet within an hour. Roslin: Then we will return the final five to you. Biers: Four. There are four in your fleet. Roslin: Four? Where's the fifth? Biers: I want the four in your fleet.

See how D'Anna avoids that question about where the fifth is? It's strongly implied she knows the answer, but doesn't want our heroes to know it. D'Anna is not omniscient, and she's been out of circulation for a while — so it's kind of odd that she knows the location of the fifth Cylon right off the bat like that.


(It is, of course, possible that D'Anna is lying, as some have suggested. But it seems like an odd lie to tell. Why say there are four in the fleet? Why not three? Also, since her goal is for the humans to allow the final Cylons to come to the Basestar unmolested, it's actually counterproductive for to lie about how many Cylons are in the fleet. And telling the truth doesn't put the hidden Cylons in any more danger than they were already in - the only reason the the Adamas actually learn the other Cylons' identities is because Tigh comes forward, which D'Anna couldn't have predicted. Nor is it a matter of D'Anna wanting to keep some cards hidden so she'll stay useful, and therefore alive - either way, she's not disclosing the actual identities of the final five. So I believe D'Anna is telling the truth.) In the previous episode, "The Hub," Biers only refers to the final five as one unit, and implies that she'll divulge all their identities when she gets to the fleet. So maybe the final Cylon is already on board that Basestar, and D'Anna saw him or her in between the end of "The Hub" and the beginning of "Revelations." Possible candidates on the Basestar include Eamonn "Gonzo" Pike, Diana Seelix, Paolo "Redwing" McKay, Brendan "Hot Dog" Costanza, and Marine Allan Nowart (Colin Corrigan). Here are some screengrabs of the pilots on board the Basestar in "The Hub":


Note that Seelix was a member, along with Tyrol, Tigh and Anders, of the New Caprica resistance and the Circle. Could this have been like a final Cylon club? Meanwhile, Edward James Olmos and Aaron Douglas told Dragon-Con that their pal Corrigan, who's only had a minor role up till now, will have a "huge role" in the final ten episodes. And Corrigan also plays Nowart in the TV movie "The Plan," which focuses on the Cylons' reactions to the human resistance after their attacks on Caprica. So you might just want to put some money on Nowart. (Of course, the producers have also promised many times that the final Cylon won't be a "day player" who's only appeared in one episode. But Nowart has been in a lot of episodes up till now, even though he hasn't been in the limelight.) The other possibility, if you believe that the final Cylon is not in the fleet, is that it's someone who's supposedly dead. Now, bear in mind that Aaron Douglas said in an interview recently that he and the other final Cylons do not have multiple copies of the same model - but the final five are also supposed to be hundreds of thousands of years old, which would presuppose some method of longevity. Another strike against this idea is the fact that the raiders were so scared of killing Anders and the other final Cylons in battle - if Anders could resurrect, why wouldn't the raiders kill him with alacrity? Dead characters who could be the final Cylon include Col. Tigh's wife Ellen, Kendra Shaw, Cally, Louanne "Kat" Katraine, Zak Adama, Jean Barolay, Crashdown, and a ton of others. We know that Cally, Ellen and Zak will apparently show up in the final episodes, but it could be in a dream sequence or flashback. Another longshot: Giana, a Caprican survivor played by Olmos' wife Lymari Nidal, who dies in the miniseries. Olmos says Nidal has a huge role in "The Plan." All of the other Cylons, including the final four, are hugely featured in the TV movie, so maybe Giana is one of them? Who else is featured in "The Plan," according to IMDB? Alisen Down (Jean Barolay), and Sue-Shaun, the resistance fighter who dies in one of the Cylons' baby farms. (Sue-Shaun will be played a new actor, Maya Washington, this time around.) Remember, though, that D'Anna would have to know this person had died and possibly resurrected wherever the final five resurrect themselves. Anyone who died after D'Anna was boxed is probably out of the picture. (She could also have asked around discreetly after she was unboxed, I guess.) Finally, it's possible the final Cylon is someone who got left behind on Caprica or New Caprica. But I'm drawing a blank on characters who could fit that bill. And we know that the Cylons have kept humans as prisoners on their basestars in the past, so it could be someone that D'Anna knows is a prisoner. Plus, as someone points out, the Caprica Six tells Roslin she can sense the five are near - the five, not the four. So whoever the final Cylon is, he/she was on Galactica or nearby at that point.

There's also the hybrid's prophecy from "Razor," about the final Cylon being "still in shadow" and "clawing toward redemption" at the cost of great suffering. It's just vague enough to apply to almost anyone. Pretty much anyone who's had any real screen time on BSG has sinned and needs redemption, I think. Cottle? Stole Athena's baby. Gaeta? Worked with President Baltar? Seelix? Was part of the Circle. Nowart? Okay, you've got me there. Actually, its entirely possible the final Cylon who's "clawing toward redemption" is Tyrol or Tigh. The hybrid couldn't have known which of the final five would be left for last. Final thought on the final Cylon: Originally, the final Cylon's identity was supposed to be revealed in "Revelations." (Not surprisingly.) And then it was pushed back to a later episode, which has yet to air. It sounds as though the final Cylon will be revealed in one of the first episodes to air in January, and that discovery will grow out of the events of "The Hub" and "Revelations." Originally, the producers intended for the fourth season to air all in one bloc, meaning the enormous gap between the first and second halves wasn't supposed to happen. So it's likely the final Cylon is already in position to be unveiled soon after the show returns. Again, my money is on someone who was still on the Basestar at the start of "Revelations." Basically, if both Ron Moore and D'Anna are telling the truth - and I think they are - then the best bets for final Cylon are the pilots on the Basestar, especially Seelix. And, if you want a dark horse, put a little money on Nowart. None of those people would be a particuarly satisfying reveal, especially not Nowart, whom you've never heard of until now. (I'm getting a mental image of Admiral Adama learning the final Cylon's identity and sinking to his knees, shouting "NOWART!!!" at the ceiling.) If D'Anna is lying, then the possibilities open up quite a bit, including Zarek, Doc Cottle, Dualla and Gaeta, among others.