We've seen him as a Vegas hustler, a crazy time-traveler, an assassin with marital problems and even as Achilles himself. But Brad Pitt may just have bitten off more action than he can chew with new project Battling Boy. The movie - to be adapted from an as-yet unreleased graphic novel by io9 favorite Paul Pope - has just been optioned by Pitt's production company, and might just be 2010's most insane summer blockbuster.Creator Pope explained the plot of Battling Boy - to be released as a graphic novel in 2010 - like this:

Battling Boy is the son of a god or a super hero—it is left unspecified—who comes down from the top of a mountain (or rather, from inside a cloud/UFO contraption/contrivance from above a mountain top) at this father's behest, in order to rid a giant city from it's plague of monsters. Hercules had his labors, Batman has his Gotham, Battling Boy has his Monstropolis. Monstropolis is a city the size of an entire continent—and it is absolutely overrun with monsters. These are horrible, Grimm's fairytale, Beowulf-ish monsters, awful things. Child-stealers. Plus some of the vampires and mummies and wolfmen we remember from the old black and white Hollywood horror films. Which—if you remember—aren't very funny. And they don't all like each other, either. Even a monster can't stand another monster, this has been proven time and time again.

While the movie version has move past this initial option (No writers, directors or stars have been linked to the project yet, and no release date has been announced), we're ready to get in line right now, just to see this kind of thing on the big screen:

Paramount gets behind 'Battling Boy' [Variety]