Let spoilers enrich your information diet. Today, we've got a cryptic title of a Transformers 2 tie-in book, plus some new deets about Repo! The Genetic Opera. There are also a ton of spoilers for Heroes, including rumors of the most shocking death yet. (Which may even be permanent.) Learn about a new batch of characters who are getting introduced on the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and just what happens to Locke when he ventures off the island on Lost. Plus incredibly gorgeous Clone Wars images, and spoilers for Sanctuary, Knight Rider, True Blood, Smallville, Supernatural, Life On Mars and Chuck. Spoilers: like fiber in the high-carb diet of entertainment! Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: A new Transformers 2 tie-in book listed for sale at Borders is called The Last Prime. Who's the "last Prime" and what does he/she/it have to do with the movie? [TFW2005] Repo! The Genetic Opera: So you already knew this gothy musical was about a world where people get replacement organs and have to pay for them on credit, and everyone's a surgery junkie who loves the buzz from surgical drugs. Right? But did you know about the movie's twisty family dramas? Now you do:

One young girl named Shilo (Alexa Vega from Spy Kids) is looking for a cure to her disease in a world full of surgery addicts and illegal drugs, much to the chagrin of her overprotective father Nathan (Anthony Stewart Head) (who also happens to secretly be GeneCo's top Repo Man). Meanwhile, the head of GeneCo, Rotti Largo (Paul Sorvino), is dying and he has to contend with his squabbling children, Luigi (Bill Moseley), Pavi (Ogre from Skinny Puppy) and Amber Sweet (Paris Hilton), all who have their own personal organ fetishes.

[ShockTillYouDrop] Lost: As we mentioned, Locke gets into a car crash... and it involves two other cars, all with Oregon license plates. Besides this smash-up, there's also a big car stunt that involves a car rolling over. [Tim Ryan's Reel Hawaii] Here are some more pics of the scene from photo service X17. [X17]

And there's some speculation that episode four, "The Little Prince," centers around Desmond, as a marooned sailor, just like in the story of that title. [SpoilersLost] Chuck: Here are a couple of clips from next Monday's episode of Chuck, where he meets his ex-girlfriend. And she's involved with spy stuff! What are the odds? [Zachary-Levi] Click to view Click to view And in Monday's episode, Mark Pellegrino plays a Fulcrum agent. And there'll be a pillow fight between Sarah and Chuck's ex, Jill. [E! Online] Heroes: Rumor has it that Hiro Nakamura will die sometime before the end of the season — probably during the "Fugitives" arc. That would get rid of the show's annoying time travel escape clause, except that Peter can still do it. In any case, it's just a rumor for now, but Tim Kring has hinted that a major character won't make it to the end of the season. [Heroes News And Spoilers] Here are a couple new promos for Monday's episode, which show off a bit more of the flashback storyline. The second clip also includes a bit of chuck footage.

It's not just Elle that turned Gabriel into the serial-killing Sylar — HRG had a role in it as well, we'll find out in next Monday's episode. [E! Online] How frantically will our heroes be running in the new "Fugitives" storyline? Just look at this set picture of Claire. [Heroes Spoilers]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: In episode 15, we'll meet the McCracken family. They include George McCracken, the father, who's tough and intense and has "a gun and a secret." He may be a recurring character. And then there's Diana McCracken, a recent widow who's harboring her own secret. Zoe McCracken is a "smart but not brainy" teenager who's rebellious, but not over the top. Also in that episode, we'll meet Henry Douglas, an 18-year-old nice guy who always finishes last, and all the girls view him as a friend. Then there's a mourner, who's emotional but comforted by faith, and a minister who has an inspirational quality to him. And finally, Stella, a woman in her 40s who says what's on her mind. [SpoilerTV] Life On Mars: Sam is starting to realize there might be a reason why he's trapped in 1973, of all years. (It has to do with his parents, and stuff that happened that year.) [E! Online again] Knight Rider: You know what would make this smart-car series way more exciting? A whole storyline where they leave the car behind. Yeah! In any case, KR filmed in Hawaii recently, with Mike Tracer and Sarah Graiman, but no KITT. Apparently it's a whole sequence where Mike and Sarah go to Hawaii to recover from a "personal tragedy" and de-stress. Sounds great! [Knight Rider Online] Smallville: Writer Geoff Johns blogged from the set of Smallville's upcoming Legion of Super Heroes storyline, now filming. A few bits: Star Tom Welling came up with an addition to the Legion code that's awesome. The Legion has flight rings, as you'd expect. The villain is a "he" and has a kewl weapon. [OSCK] Star Wars: Clone Wars: Warner Bros. sent us a couple of pics from Friday's new episode, where R2D2 gets captured in a battle and Anakin has to get him back before the Seps access the Republic secrets hidden in his memory banks. Pretty images! [Warner Bros.]

Sanctuary: Here are some pics from episode seven, "The Five." [SpoilerTV]

True Blood: The murderer is someone we previously thought was sweet and caring. And Sookie had better watch her back, because the killer is coming for her next. [Zap2It] Supernatural: And finally, here are some casting sides for "Young Charlie," a character introduced in episode 4x12, "Criss Angel Is A Douchebag." (Yes, that's really the title according to the casting site.)