Frank Miller reinvented noir with Sin City — and now he's doing the same for fashion with his new movie The Spirit. New stills show a parade of models dressed in lightning bolt eyeliner, giant fur coats and kimonos. And boy, is it a "whole lotta' look." I'm terrified to think of the fashion spreads that will start coming this December, titled "the many hats of of Scarlett Johansson," or a cover shoot with smeared-make-up-wearing Samuel L Jackson surrounded by his honeys in horned rimmed glasses and red ties. See for yourself.

While I don't mind some of the lady looks, I'm more worried about the combination of Samuel L. Jackson psycho chic with all the three-piece she suits (let's not forget it appears as if he dons a Nazi-esque uniform in the trailer). The Spirit will be out on December 25, 2008. [Movies - Spoilers]