Do you want to maximize your productivity, push your career to the next level, and maintain a positive outlook at work? Artist and office worker Michael Lewy has a series of helpful charts for you. Lewy, who has an administrative job at MIT, spent the past year engaged in a surreal act of worldbuilding that resulted in City of Work, a collection of slide presentations, ad campaigns, and educational films that reveal the dark side of "getting things done." We've got more of his demented charts below.

In this series of images taken from the "charts" section of the City of Work site, Lewy toys with imagery ideas borrowed from typical PowerPoint presentations about things like "leadership" and "success." Then he twists them until they tell a disturbing truth about a life devoted to productivity.

As the slideshow progresses, the charts become more weird. Is all of time collapsing? What do today and tomorrow even mean?

As silly as these diagrams are, they also have an air of sadness and desperation to them. A cloud of failure hangs between all beginnings and ends, and every arrow leads through that blob of failure.

Slowly, the charts themselves begin to lose shape entirely. I love this one, where the bar graph crumbles into an unreadable, incomprehensible haze where you can't tell the difference between enthusiasm and false enthusiasm.

At last, the charts become crazy, abstract shapes that suggest bar graphs or pie charts that have melted into some kind of PowerPoint twilight zone. There's a lot more weirdness and social satire to enjoy on Lewy's City of Work site, including advertisements for fake TV shows and bizarre letters that Lewy has exchanged with the "Human Potential" division of the city. He's recently added a bunch of new stuff, and he continues to build out the site. For anybody who has had to sit through presentations on getting jazzed about cubicle drudgery, City of Work will feel uncomfortably and hilariously familiar. City of Work [official site] The 9 to 5 Artist [via Brainiac]