Marvel Studios have released the cover art for their upcoming Hulk Vs. animated DVD and, just like their comics, you've got your choice of covers to choose from. While we're normally partial to a screaming Hulk (see above), our hearts have been stolen by the return of lenticular technology. Wiggle the DVD box and watch as the Hulk switches enemies - and hairstyles!Lenticular technology, which allows printed images to have the illusion of movement when viewed from different angles, may already have rocked my childhood thanks to the Secret Wars toys I used to own, but it's kind of fallen off in recent years. We're hoping that its use on the cover of this DVD set - allowing the image to shift from a Hulk Vs. Wolverine fight to a Hulk Vs. Thor one, as seen below

- reminds everyone of how much fun can be had from moving something from one side to another over and over again. (For those afraid of motion, this special edition, non-lenticular, cover is also available:

Admit it: The other one is better.) EXCLUSIVE: 'Hulk Vs' Box Art [Marvel]