All month, io9 readers have been posting pictures of themselves in their best scifi costumes to our Halloween Costume Show Flickr Pool. We've already featured some great moments in hotness and awesomeness. Today, for Halloween, we bring you the most daring costumes you dared to show us! Madolan's interpretation of Ragged Robin (pictured) from Grant Morrison's amazing comic book The Invisibles is just the beginning. Erzingel shows us an ultra-daring shot of himself and his wife dressed as Hellboy and Hellgirl, posing with the man himself — Ron Perlman, who played Hellboy in Guillermo Del Toro's two flicks about ole Red.

And it's hard to resist evildead1971's Shaun of the Dead costume. Not only is he a serious cutie, but he's got the boldness and cred of having action figures (in their packaging!) pinned to the wall behind him.

But now it's time for intense daring. Our own io9 staffers Ed Grabianowski and Graeme McMillan have shared their boldest efforts at costumery. Ed is dressed as "Zebra-Man," who is always ready to throw down with some miniatures on the table top!

And Graeme shares with us a picture of himself from 1995, back when, he confesses, "I had hair, and lots of it." He refuses to explain exactly what he's dressed as, saying only that it "was supposed to be some kind of bat." Apparently his wife Kate simply shook her head when she discovered that he was actually putting this picture on the internet. All we can say is: Bold move, Graeme. Very bold.

Want to take a gander at all the other insanely cute and bold contributors to the io9 Halloween Costume Show Flickr Pool? Well follow the link and add your own!