Regardless of your preference for the drooly one or the clicky one, the Predator and Aliens franchises have entered the pop culture hall of fame. They've get the creep-out factor, the scare, and SF thrills from glimpses of the Predator home world and insight into Alien queen psychology. Both universes continue to expand through comics and novels, creating opportunities for some very talented artists like Stephen Youll and Dave Gibbons. Check out the gallery we've put together (major thanks to Dark Horse) — and find out how to win a free copy of Jeff's brand-new Predator book! Adding to the mystique in an odd way, both movie franchises have been subject to many rumors and difficulties over the years. There's the famous Predator 3 screenplay by Robert Rodriguez, for example, that might've made a truly amazing film. Not to mention fans who want a third Predator featuring Arnold and other old pals-or rip-offs like Alien vs Hunter, which features a very tired-looking William Katt, former star of the TV series Greatest American Hero. If you haven't seen this movie, you really need to at least sample it; it's possibly one of the worst movies ever made (check out that old-timey deep-sea diving suit used by the "Hunter").

Meanwhile, Aliens 5 has been stuck in development hell, leaving only the hybrid Aliens vs Predator franchise to fill the void, the first movie a cheesy but entertaining cold-weather adventure movie and the second largely set in the sadly generic (and murky!) sewers of a Colorado town. As for the books, Jeff's Predator: South China Sea is out this month, as well as Brian Evenson's Aliens: No Exit. So, to mark that release, we thought we'd offer a contest for io9 readers. Both Jeff and Brian had to pitch Dark Horse their novel ideas, so now it's your turn, just for fun. It's Halloween, after all. So: Write up your own short Predator or Aliens pitch in comments. Limit it to a paragraph or so. You can be serious or funny. You can only enter once. The deadline is midnight EST next Friday, November 7. We'll judge the contest. Check back Monday, November 10, when we announce the four winners. Each winner will get a Predator figurine/ink stamp and copies of both Predator: South China Sea (signed) and Aliens: No Exit. Have a great Halloween!