Gird your loins with spoilers! We've got the full low-down on James Cameron's Avatar, and a major hint for the future of the Hulk movies. Also, one of the writers of Battlestar Galactica answered all your questions about what to expect in the show's final half season — including a startling return. And I got hold of a ton of pages from the script to another Chuck episode, where we meet another family member — and it's not who you'd expect. Plus the first pics from Stargate Atlantis' high-rolling "Vegas" episode. And some spoilers for Futurama, Life On Mars, Smallville, Heroes and Sarah Connor Chronicles. Spoilers are just the best loin-girders. You know it's true. Avatar: UGO collected everything that's known so far about the plot of James Cameron's space adventure film. Sam Worthington plays Jake Sully, a paralyzed former marine who goes through a procedure that lets him inhabit another body, as a 10-foot-tall blue alien, on the world Pandora. Sully occupies a genetically engineered biological body, which his human consciousness can operate. Sully ends up crossing over and helping the natives, the Na'vi, in their fight for survival. Zoë Saldaña plays Neytiri, an alien whom Jake initially betrays, but they fall in love. Sigourney Weaver is Dr. Grace Augustine, a botanist and Sully's mentor. Michelle Rodriguez plays Trudy Chacon, a tough ex-marine pilot. Other characters include the passive-aggressive Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi), Marine Col. Quaritch (Stephen Lang) and anthropologist Norm Spellman (Joel David Moore). The film's main villain is Lyle Wainfleet (Matt Gerald). [UGO] Incredible Hulk 2: I wouldn't start camping out for a ticket to a third Hulk movie any time soon. But producer Gale Ann Hurd does say that Edward Norton is signed on for a sequel already. [MTV] Battlestar Galactica: In the BSG finale, star Edward James Olmos takes "the show’s theme of 'endings' very seriously, and even to a disturbing extreme," says writer Michael Taylor. Also, we'll be seeing those old-school Cylon centurions (that we saw in "Razor") again before the end of the show. And "all will be explained" with reference to why the final five Cylons were so late in gaining awareness, especially that crucial final Cylon. Boomer (as opposed to Athena) plays "a significant role" in the final batch of episodes. The Lee/Starbuck relationship "will not be fully resolved until the end of the series." As for Starbuck, she's kind of in denial about all the weird stuff that's happened to her lately. [Galactica Sitrep] Chuck: I got hold of a ton of script pages from episode 14, "Chuck Vs. Suburbia." Let's see... Chuck and Sarah go undercover in a suburban neighborhood, pretending to be a married couple. One of their new neighbors is a Fulcrum agent, so Chuck has to ake the rounds with a plate of weiners and meet them all, while Casey pretends to be the cable guy. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester decide to hook their Buy More boss, Big Mike, up with a girlfriend via an Internet dating site. They come across a "red hot mama" named Bolognia, and she turns out to be a sexy Latina who screws Big Mike's brains out. The only problem is, Big Mike lies to her and tells her he owns a big shipping company. When he comes clean at the Buy More, she thinks it's because he's discovered her secret. She wasn't entirely honest either: she has a grown son, who actually works at the Buy More. ("Please let it be Bartowski," Big Mike prays.) But no, it's Morgan, Chuck's bestie. Morgan watches in horror as his mom makes out with his boss. So... Chuck winds up in a sexy situation with Sylvia, one of the desperate housewives in suburbia. She handcuffs him to the bed, wearing only his undies. He manages to unlock one of the cuffs and escape, but then he finds a computer with secret stuff on it. He figures out the computer and looks at it — only to be bomarded with scary images, similar to the Intersect, the spy computer that he already has in his brain. Chuck finally escapes, running out into the suburban cul-de-sac wearing his undies and a handcuff. But it turns out that every single one of those suburban neighbors is a baddie. They were all part of some spy program that was abandoned, and they're bitter. And Chuck is the first person to pass their "test" by looking at that bombardment of computer images without his head exploding. So they strap Chuck in a chair, with both Sarah and Casey watching in captivity, and they bombard Chuck's brain with the "Dark Intersect." (Really. The Dark Intersect. Yeah.) But it looks like Chuck can't take it after all, and he collapses, apparently dead. [Script pages] Heroes: We'll find out soon that Sylar's "hunger" was unnaturally provoked by another character. (Elle, I guess.) And as we've already seen, Sylar can control it. Also, he doesn't have to slice people's heads open to absorb their powers — he can absorb powers peacefully, the way his brother Peter does. And you shouldn't count on seeing Micah or Molly again any time soon. [E! Online] Smallville: Lana comes back as a different — and much stronger — person. And as we've mentioned, we'll learn her reasons for leaving via video message. Meanwhile, the Davis Bloome/Doomsday plot ramps up somewhat during November sweeps. [E! Online] Sarah Connor Chronicles: Riley the cat fancy girl is going to be having some emotional problems, says actor Leven Ramblin. "Towards the 13th episode, something very traumatic happens [with Riley]. She gets kind of depressed because she doesn't really get anywhere with John. She's upset that she can't emotionally get really attached to John. And he keeps wanting her to, and she just has this barrier." [E! Online] Futurama: In the "Bender's Game" DVD, coming soon, the Planet Express crew go from outer space to deep under the Earth, and find themselves in a medieval universe populated by dragons, knights and villains, some of which turn out to be very familiar. The film references Lord of the Rings, Narnia and Ender's Game. [Sci Fi Wire] Life On Mars: Here's the official description for the Nov. 13 episode of the time-traveling cop show, "Tuesday's Dead":

Sam Tyler finds it difficult to separate a life-and-death hostage situation taking place at County Hospital from his own strange circumstances. Stressed about a phone call where he seems to hear his mother's voice — in 2008 — begging him to wake up, he and the rest of the squad are ordered to diffuse a potentially explosive face-off in which a crazed gunman is trying to force a doctor to reverse a dangerous operation on the renegade's brother. Sam, Ray, Annie and Lt. Hunt are all targeted in the madman's cross hairs, but as Sam and the 1-2-5 attempt to resolve the confrontation, he suddenly realizes that the clock ticking on the gunman's demands parallels another deadline that could spell the end of Sam Tyler.

[SpoilerTV] Oh, and we'll be seeing more of Sam's 2008 girlfriend (Lisa Bonet) in the Nov. 6 episode. [TV Guide] Stargate Atlantis: Here are the long-awaited stills from the show's penultimate episode, which takes place in Vegas and features a gambling Wraith. [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.