This Friday (Halloween!), the Clone Wars expansion for the Star Wars Miniatures Game will be released. All your favorite characters from the movie and TV series will be available, and they'll only be one inch tall. Want to pit the 501st against a horde of battle droids? Check out our preview gallery, with figures and full stats cards.

The Aqualish are not known for being fierce warriors (mostly they're known for getting their arms chopped off in cantinas). But this nasty character loves to kick opponents when they're down.

A huge force of very cheap droid soldiers who can fly could come in pretty handy on certain maps.

Even the miniatures game gets in a little hate for these infamous members of the Trade Federation. Cowardly? At least they have better aim than stormtroopers.

To be honest, I've never heard of the Techno Union before. Match this guy up with some droids and a few Kraftwerk albums and he'll be good to go.

Images by: Wizards of the Coast