This house in Wellington, New Zealand, is built from the housing material of the future: Shipping containers. Perhaps because there's been a global shipping container shortage, the containers have gone from low-rent to completely glamorous. Check out your future home, made entirely of recycled materials secreted away from docks.

This housing development in London, England is made of shipping containers with windows cut out of them and tiny balcony gardens added. Those windows, plus the splashy colors, make this container farm into a futuristic housing hive.

This rather depressing-looking acre of shipping container boxes is in Amesterdam, and it serves as a dorm for university students. It was created by stacking cargo containers up 5 stories.


Of course if you want to go old school, you can see what shipping container life was like until the whole endeavor got hip. Here's a shipping container home from Singapore, built to be utilitarian and cheap. You can see more examples of cargo container living at WebUrbanist. New Zealand house via Ticeman42. London housing development via Diamond Geezer. Amsterdam university housing via Tempohousing. Singapore housing via Eli the Bearded.