This futuristic-looking gas station in L.A. was supposed to be completed in June 2007, but the client became "indecisive." Did United Oil decide that an optimistic, future-looking design wasn't the right look for a gas station in this day and age? Or did they wake up and realize that "futuristic," in this case, means "retro" and "googie"? (Which isn't a bad thing at all, I hasten to add.) More pics and details below.

The design, by Kanner Architects, is supposed to capture the momentum of nearby freeways, using two swooshy features: "a concrete ramp to the car wash that winds around, over, and behind the market, and a steel structure that forms the roof of the market, then curves around to become a soaring canopy over the pumps." Is it scrapped for good, or will we one day be able to pump our gas under that soaring space ramp? More pics at the link. [Curbed L.A.]