If Dave Gibbons had gone with his original designs for Watchmen, the ground-breaking graphic novel he created with Alan Moore, then the psycopathic crime-fighter Rorschach would have had those ink blots all over his body. And he would have worn a big Prince-style trench-coat, the better to flash his body spots. And items that look like jodhpurs or spats over his boots. Styling! The London Times presented some of Gibbons' original Watchmen concept art. Click through to see his original designs for Dr. Manhattan and the Comedian. These images come from Watching The Watchmen, Gibbons' new book about the genesis of his most famous comics work. Co-written with comics historian Chip Kidd and Mike Essl, the book includes other unreleased concept art and designs. The Comedian, Nite Owl, Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach:

More dynamic early sketches of Nite Owl and Dr. Manhattan:

There's more art, and more details about the book, at the link. [Times Online]