There's been a lot of work done to the io9 Apocalypsemobile in the last few weeks, not all of it as glaringly obvious as the custom paint job. The car has a certain Tank Girl/David Lee Roth circa 1985 vibe going on - at least it will be a colorful Apocalypse. We've picked up some additional sponsors and made some safety and performance upgrades in preparation for the January 1 race. The project has not been without setbacks, though.It's been a while since we had an Apocalypsemobile update. Once the interior was stripped, painting began. Several cans of craft store spray paint later, we're no longer worried about spotting the car on the track, even with all the mud that will eventually cover it. We may stick a flashing light of some kind on the roof, just to be sure. Since these photos were taken, we've acquired another sponsor, a former drag racer who provided a racing seat belt and window net. On the other hand, we're on our third battery, and this weekend we discovered that the fuel pump may be dead. There's a chance we accidentally cut some wires to it when we tore out the interior, but it's probably dead. Luckily, prepping the Apocalypsemobile has been a fun way to hang out on weekends and work with my dad, so all the work hasn't become a pain in the ass. I should note that whenever I say "we" did something to the car, in most cases that means my dad actually did something to the car while I handed him tools. Thanks dad! Because the expenses are mounting, I will once again put out the call for potential sponsors. There's still lots of room on the car for stencils or stickers. For roughly the cost of a new fuel pump, you could sponsor us! Also, I'd love to find a girl with a mohawk (and possibly her own grenade launcher) to sit on the car looking bad-ass for some photos. Any takers? Be sure to check out all the captions in the photo gallery to get all the details on the car, including the track listing for the official Apocalypsemobile Soundtrack.