If you saw last Thursday's Life On Mars, then you witnessed the greatest use for time travel: spoiling the end of a movie that had just come out, in this case Soylent Green. Detective Sam Tyler would approve of us poring over the clues to the storyline of the Star Trek movie in a couple of new interviews. He would approve of our solid detective instincts in figuring out whether some radical new Transformers 2 concept art is for real. I'm sure he'd also be up for snooping around the Lost filming and poring over Chuck and Heroes casting calls. But what would Sam think of our spoilers and pics for Fringe, Knight Rider, Smallville, Dollhouse, My Own Worst Enemy and Torchwood? Hard to say. In any case, it's undeniably true: spoilers are subversive. Star Trek: Kevin Smith, the only guy (other than J.J. Abrams) who's actually seen Star Trek more than once, called the movie a "reboot." He could just be referring to the fact that the original characters are played by new actors — or he could be dropping a bombshell about how the film resets Trek continuity. Or he could just be throwing terminology around. [Sci Fi Wire] Meanwhile, Chris Pine describes his own performance as Captain Kirk: "I got to do everything: yell, shout, cry, laugh, take charge and be vulnerable." So now you know, Kirk cries in the new movie. [First Showing] Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: The mystery continues about what Soundwave will turn into, since he probably won't be a boombox. The latest rumor is that he either has no alt-mode, or he's a satellite some of the time. Anyway, some concept art surfaced showing Soundwave as a satellite and as a pick-up truck with a sound system. (And Ravage is in the picture too.) It makes me channel my inner Senator Vreenak, but ya never know. Bigger version at the link. [TFW2005]

Dollhouse: Did we already mention a while back that professional shifty Englishman Mark Sheppard (Battlestar, Firefly, Middleman) is joining the cast of Joss Whedon's mind-wiping show for at least one episode? Well, he is, and it's filming soon. [MySpace and Battlestar Blog] Lost: Lance Reddick is indeed back in Hawaii, and just filmed a hospital scene with Charles Widmore. Also, Daniel Dae Kim is on set, with the actress who plays the young Rousseau. [Hawaii UP via Doc Arzt] Sarah Connor Chronicles: Remember those casting script pages we reviewed a while back where the Terminator show takes a trip south of the border? Could be we'll see that plotline start to ramp up in the eighth episode, "Mr. Ferguson Is Ill Today," where John and Riley (the "cat fancy" girl) take an "impromptu" trip to Mexico, with deadly consequences. Meanwhile, Sarah finally meets former FBI agent Ellison. The episode airs Nov. 10, and here are some pics. [SpoilerTV]

Also, here's a November Fox promo that includes some new clips from Terminator and Fringe:

Smallville: here are some more promo pics from episode eight, "Bloodlines," the one where Clark catches up with Kara in the Phantom Zone. Looks like it also features shirtless Sam Witwer! [Multipleverses via OSCK]

Heroes: Here's the official description of episode 9, "It's Coming," which we showed you some pics from last week.

After a preemptive strike against Hiro (Masi Oka) and Ando (James Kyson Lee) in Africa, Arthur Petrelli (guest star Robert Forster) orders Knox (guest star Jamie Hector) and Flint (Blake Shields) to hunt down his son Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and granddaughter Claire. Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) is stunned to learn his father is alive — and leading a villainous charge to worldwide destruction. Meanwhile, back at Pinehearst, Sylar (Zachary Quinto) has a charged confrontation with Elle (guest star Kristen Bell). Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) begins testing his new, combined superpower formula. Later, with the others dead, injured or on the run, Matt (Greg Grunberg) attempts to wake Angela (Cristine Rose).

[Ten Gossip] Also, episode 16, the third episode of the "Fugitives" storyline, will feature a guard in a high-security prison facility. And we'll also meet a 50-ish balding guy with long stringy hair, who could pass as a member of Z.Z. Top or Michael Bolton. He's in a diner, and he gets attacked by something mysterious. [Heroes Spoilers] The Heroes writers answered another round of fan questions. In episode eight, the flashback episode, we'll learn more about Arthur Petrelli's doctor, who was in the graphic novels briefly. Daphne's powers include strength and healing, and we'll find out more about them in episodes 10 and 11. We'll see more of how Sylar's "hunger" affects Peter — but Peter and Sylar are not twins. A fan theory — that the female villains are kept on a different level of the Company facility, and may be used for "fertility experiments" — may have some truth to it. We may see the remaining four escaped villains. [Heroes Spoilers] Fringe: Here are some promo pics from the Nov. 11 episode, "In Which We Meet Mr. Jones." Seems as though Peter gets linked up to a dead guy mentally. [Fringe Fanatic]

Torchwood: It sounds as though there will be at least one monster in the new Torchwood miniseries that requires a guy in a rubber suit. Ood/Cyberman/random monster actor Matt Doman (who just won a modeling contest, out of costume) says he has a small speaking part in the new season. [Wales Online] My Own Worst Enemy: Here's the official description for episode five, "The Night Train To Moscow":

Henry (Christian Slater) starts to suspect that his wife, Angie (Madchen Amick) is a spy planted by Janus. Meanwhile, Edward (Slater) makes a dangerous deal with KGB Agent Mariam Shefer (Isabella Hofman) in exchange for information regarding his past. Mavis (Alfre Woodard) sends Raymond (Mike O’Malley) to keep an eye on him, while Dr. Norah Skinner (Saffron Burrows) investigates Angie and finds that her feelings for Edward are stronger than she’d like to believe

[SpoilerTV] Chuck: The fourteenth episode of Chuck season two will be called "Chuck Vs. The Suburbs," and will guest star Bolognia, an attractive 45-year-old Latina referred to as a "red hot mama." She may be voluptuous. [SpoilerTV] Knight Rider: Here's what happens in the Nov. 19 episode, "Knight Of The Zodiac":

Mike (Justin Bruening) goes undercover in Vegas to bust a money laundering operation. Billy (Paul Campbell) joins Mike and KITT (voiced by Val Kilmer) on the mission, only to spark a romantic adventure of his own. Meanwhile, Dr. Graiman (Bruce Davison) locks horns with an old rival and former flame, who comes to assess how “green” the KITT Cave is.

[SpoilerTV] Also, there's a casting call for episode 14, "Knight And The City." Mike and KITT go to the aid of sexy bar owner Lisa Nelson, who's trying to keep the small neighborhood bar her dad started open. The No Bar is home to punks, bikers, performance artists and blue collar folks from the neighborhood. Mike comes to work there as a bouncer (under cover) and has to deal with all the fights among the locals. An evil real estate developer, Phil Driscoll, was Lisa's dad's business partner and wants to buy the bar from her, but she won't sell. Mike gets into a fight with Driscoll's son, who used to date Lisa and tries to rush into the bar with a bunch of his friends. Mike takes Terry Driscoll's gun and breaks Terry's nose. When Phil hears what happened to his son, he goes down to the bar to meet this tough guy himself. But when Phil hears the details, he sides with Mike. Also, we meet the bar's bumbling doorman Eddie, who confesses he started a fire at the bar so he could put it out and be a big hero. (KITT put it out instead.) Eddie tells Mike the death of Lisa's father may not have been an accident after all. And there's the cashier, Jeannette, whom Mike catches stealing money from the till — she tells Mike he has no idea whom he's dealing with. And two tough-guy patrons of the No Bar go after KITT with a crow bar. They tire themselves out trying to vandalize KITT, but are unable to make any headway. [SpoilerTV]