If you've ever wondered why Mothra is able to shoot vast amounts of webbing out of his beaky mouth, the mystery is now solved. Pink Tentacle points out a series of images from Modern_fred that explain it all to you. He's scanned and Flickr'd some vintage kaiju images that show us the internal organs of all your favorite giant monsters. For example, our pal Mothra up there has a vast, "elongated silk-producing organ." Wait 'til you see what Gojira and Gamera have got under the hood.

According to Pink Tentacle, Gojira can belt out blobs of fire because (s)he has "a “uranium sack” and “nuclear reaction sack” that produce radioactive fire-breath and energize the body." Note that his brain is actually kind of small, which explains that whole Highland Fling dance he does when he beats down his adversaries.

Gamera has organs that store "lava, oil, coal and uranium." Too awesome. If these images were being made today, he might have an ethanol storage organ too.


This is one of my favorite monsters, Guiron, who battled Gamera in Destroy All Planets. Sadly, nothing about these organs can explain why two hot alien ladies kidnapped those little boys and fed them drugged donuts while Gamera and Guiron fought outside their spaceship.


And here's Anguirus, who has two sub-brains to control the extra-armored lower legs. Kaiju Anatomical Drawings [via Pink Tentacle]