Technology and design don’t always mesh well with the human body. You get earbuds that fall out of your ears, glasses that slip down the bridge of your nose, and keypads that leave our thumbs worn ragged. While designers try to create designs that better fit our bodies, photographer Marcia Nolte imagines a world where we instead alter our bodies to accommodate fashion and technology.Most of the photos in Nolte’s series Corpus 2.0 display alterations that humans might employ to adapt to the current world and the experiences of our daily lives. For example, the above photo suggests placing an extra joint in your thumb for improved SMS messaging. The photos illustrate a possible form of elective evolution that, rather than ensuring our survival, is meant to increase our efficiency within the world as it exists and allow us to continue to modify ourselves as the world changes.

A hole in the lip for smokers.

An ear designed to fit a universal earbud.

A nose ridge to ensure that glasses stay put.

An elongated should for cradling a phone.

The above image in particular, which depicts a high-heeled foot, hits home the fact that many people already adapt their bodies to current fashion – through implants and tummy tucks – and cultural mores, as with circumcision. The next step in body modification could well be to change the structure of our bodies to better interface with the objects in our space. [Marcia Nolte via Dezeen]