This week in Cult Scifi, I'm bringing you a few shorts, including some from the lovely Imagine Science Film Festival. Plus a translated trailer of Dod Sno (Dead Snow) so we'll finally figure out what's going on with the crazy Nazi undead.The first clip is Automated Assets written by James Dastoli and Robert Datoli. That's the full adorable robot short where you get to see the silver faces of the customer service industry. Lone: Lone is so adorable, it could almost be a live action Wall-E origins short. The flick shows at the Imagine Festival and was directed by Andrew Nowrojee principle photography was by Stefan Duscio. The short follows what is seemingly the last man on Earth and his desire to build a new friend.

"LONE" Trailer from Imagine Science Films on Vimeo.

Transgressions: Far and away my favorite short of the Imagine Festival, this 15 minute journey into our future shows the severe consequences that we'll all have to face even for merely scratching another persons car.

TRANSGRESSIONS from Imagine Science Films on Vimeo. Apollo 10.5 According to this shoft, before we sent men to the moon, NASA sent a 6-year old boy into space just to check it out. Directed and written by Lance Gambis (and starring his son), it's a sweet little tale about launching kids into outer space.

Apollo 10 1/2 from Imagine Science Films on Vimeo. Dod Sno: Fresh off the internet is the Norwegian horror film Dod Sno where the Nazi undead attack a poor group of unsuspecting teens on a snowy holiday.