When Batman Begins introduced the movie-going world to the Tumbler Batmobile, many an auto aficionado lusted after Batman’s ride. One fan, though, decided lusting wasn’t enough, and has been building his very own working Batmobile, complete with a V8 engine and Batcessories, in his garage. More pictures after the jump.Posting on the SuperHeroHype forums as “youngbat,” he been constructing a working Batmobile from reference photos he’s found online. He estimates that, when complete, the car will have cost him $50-70,000 in parts and insists he has no intention of selling it. He has also made a Batsuit and Batbelt so his neighbors can get the full effect of living next door to Batman. Once the Batmobile is complete, he plans on adding a Batpod to his collection.

My Tumbler progress [SuperHeroHype via TechEBlog]