Spoiler party! We've had a look at casting calls for upcoming episodes of Joss Whedon's mindwiped agent show Dollhouse and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Also, Jon Voight has some ideas about what his character may be up to in the Transformers sequel. There are tons of spoilery pics and interviews from Heroes, Chuck and Smallville, including some very bold costume choices. Plus spoilers for Eleventh Hour and Star Wars: Clone Wars. Start your weekend by finding out what's ahead in the weeks to come, thanks to the magic of spoilers! Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: Jon Voight doesn't know if he'll have a cameo in the new Transformers movie or not. But he's eager to film one, and hints that maybe his Secretary of Defense character has gone on to run for president — and maybe actually is president now. [MTV] Dollhouse: Remember the episode of Joss Whedon's amnesiac puppet show we mentioned recently, about the preacher named Jonas who belongs to a creepy pseudo-Christian cult? More casting calls have come out for that episode, the show's sixth. We meet Grant Lilly, in charge of an FBI sting to take down Jonas Sparrow's cult, plus two members of his team, one male and one female. Also, there's an FBI agent who works with Paul Ballard (Tahmoh Penikett). There are three members of Sparrow's cult: Seth, Kris and Illya. Plus Senator Boxbaum, who combines "self-regard" with "homespun charm." And a local small-town shop-owner, and Jesse Dillard, a small-town guy with a temper. [SpoilerTV] Heroes: Here are some new promo pics for season three, episodes eight and nine, "Villains" and "It's Coming". [Heroes-Spoilers]

Also, in volume four, "Fugitives," we'll meet another new character — David, a dark and twisted kid who lies easily. Maybe he's Sylar's new apprentice, and he also may be one of the characters on the run from The Hunter (Zeljko Ivanek). David will be played by Dan Byrd, from Aliens In America and Clubhouse. [EW] Eleventh Hour: In the show's sixth episode, "Frozen," a woman is found on the beach. She's frozen solid, with no signs of thawing, on the hottest day of the year. [SpoilerTV] Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The show put out another batch of casting script pages. As usual for Terminator, they're not actual pages from the episode's script, so mileage may vary. Sheriff McKinley is concerned about a patient with a bullet in his leg, who busts out of the hospital, tearing up his IV and breaking a window. Someone is out to get this patient (who may be paramedic Charley Dixon) and that person is searching for a taperecorder with some evidence on it. There's also a scene where Charley is in bed, with an IV in his arm, listening to the nurse talking about how he couldn't even tell them the year. Charley's pretty badly bandaged up. Charley goes through an MRI, but needs to be talked into letting go of his gun by Felicia, a nurse. (She tells Charley a story about the time she almost shot herself but heard her husband telling her not to, even though he was asleep at the time.) Also, a patient in the morgue (Cromartie?) comes to life and stabs a morgue attendant. Confusingly, there's also a scene where an ER doc talks about a patient in the hospital, who has to be kept there for a few days due to Child Protective Services rules. (The Terminator casting scripts often change the names of regular characters, to try and throw us off. But I still think the main hospital patient is Charley.) [SpoilerTV] Smallville: In the Oct. 30 episode, "Identity," Jimmy snaps a pic of Clark saving someone's life, as we've mentioned. Clark asks Chloe to delete the pic, but she refuses. She says it's not necessarily a bad thing that people know there's someone out there saving people. The photo doesn't reveal anything about Clark Kent, but gives people something they desperately need: a hero. She adds that this gives Clark the perfect alter ego.

"It's called an alias, Clark," she says. "Writers have been writing under pen names since the invention of the alphabet. Oliver Queen has the Green Arrow; I think it's time for you to have one of your own."

Meanwhile, Lois is paired with a sexy new reporter, Sebastian, but he's actually there to spy on her and find out what she knows. Clark is jealous that Lois and Sebastian are going out on the town. And Jimmy looks through the Smallville newspaper archives to prove that somebody has been saving people for a while. He asks Clark if there may have been someone at his high school who could have been suspicious. [Kryptonsite] As for Doomsday, actor Sam Witwer isn't ruling out his beating Clark until he stops breathing. He hasn't filmed any scenes with Tess. [Zap2It] Also, here are some stills from episode eight, "Bloodlines," where Clark goes to the Phantom Zone and runs into Kara. [OSCK]

And Cassidy Freeman says Tess may get in some more nasty fights soon, plus we may get to meet Tess' lapdog, possibly played by Freeman's own black dog. [TV Guide] Star Wars: Clone Wars: In tonight's episode, Commanders Rex and Cody must inspire their rookie clone unit to hold off a Droid Commando assault on a remote listening station. And here's another still. [Warner Bros.]

Chuck: Here are some promo pics from episode seven, "Chuck Vs. The Fat Lady." [SpoilerTV]