Say what you will about Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, but there’s no disputing the fact that he's proven a potent muse to pop-culture-savvy artists. And if the Illinois senator doesn’t end up leaving a lasting impression in the executive office, he may very well eke out one in the comics world—judging from all those illustrated images frequently depicting him as Superman and Batman. (For what it’s worth, Obama cites Spider-Man and Batman as his favorite crime fighters.) With this phenomenon in mind, io9 presents an Obama Superhero Art Exhibit. It’s arguable who started this trend, but we’ll chalk it up to Shephard Fairey, the designer behind the iconic André the Giant street campaign, who was one of the first people to launch Obama’s visage into graphic-design notoriety with his now-infamous “Progress”/“Hope” propaganda.

Obama as the Batman to Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Joe Biden's Robin. With Obama-signal in full-force. [Paul Richmond Studio (via Newsarama)]

As The Matrix's chosen one, Thomas "Neo" Anderson. []

Playing the part of Spider-Man opposite Republican opponent John McCain's Dark Knight. [EW]

Comics great Alex Ross (Kingdom Come) wistfully imagines the senator as Superman in this limited-edition poster. [eBay]

Getting his good-guy on as a patriotic, garden-variety superhero with arguable steroid-use problem. Go team America! []

This red-white-and-blue silkscreen finds him donning a Green Hornet-esque bat-mask. [brevortasset]

His visage as stylin', geek-kissed propaganda ornamenting the concrete jungle. [probationboy]

A talking bobblehead, which purports to be the "Official Barack Obama Superhero Toy." [ImagineGate] (Photo of Obama with Superman courtesy of the Obama senate site)