American conceptual artist Jenny Holzer converts the futuristic military-industrial complex into strange, alien art projects. Her light installations and conceptual work are the focus of an exhibition that opens on Saturday at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. She uses excerpts from U.S. military documents in unexpected ways, turning them into body parts or projecting them into eerie futuristic corridors. Click for more disguised messages in the ether.A key member of the late 70s, early 80s New York artists group Colab, Holzer is a RISD graduate who eventually found her voice by using collage and the text of others. Holzer's early work was incredibly forward looking, foreshadowing the ways in which corporations would convey their message to the public, and undermining it forcefully with its own tools. Hackers have even used her work to address powerful institutions like the Museum of Modern Art. Her signature exhibitions "Truisms" project brings the language of aphorisms to that critique, and it's only appropriate that someone is doling the messages out on Twitter

The height of the Ohio artist's hypertextual method is "Projections", currently on display at Mass MOCA through November. Here the buildings become the message. More images from Holzman's past and present can be read below: