A preview commercial for Lost season 5 has leaked and it's full of hints about what's in store next year. From the mere glimpses we get, it looks like everything has been thrown topsy turvey and we may be breaking down (or trying to) the secret workings of the island. If you haven't seen the final episode for season 4 there are spoilers.Oh welcome back Ben, we missed you. TV villains just can't live up to your steely eyed glare and keen intellect. We've rounded up a few stills from the new footage and I'm taking a few flying leap guesses as to what they mean. First, I think that Daniel and Juliet discover more hatches and possibly new island inhabitants (see hazmat suit fella). Also play-by-her-own-rules Kate is yet again taking matters into her own hands when she grabs that a gun and her "son" Aaron. It all looks great so far, but no hints yet about the very bad things that happened to the leftover Losties on the island. Please Daniel I beg of you — use your big scientist brain to figure out the mechanics of the island and drive it back home or at least give us some explanation about the existence of Richard Alpert.

Lost will be back on the air in January of 2009.