This image of a whale's bleached bones in Antarctica documents the disturbingly beautiful effect of climate change on the planet. It's an image by Sebastian Copeland, one of 18 photographers who entered their work in a competition funded by a Swiss bank that will give $85,780 to the winner. While photography about climate change may not help with acidification, that doesn't change the potency of some of the shortlisted artists. Pick a winner from the shortlist gallery after the jump.The entrants include American artist Richard Misrach and legendary Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami. The exhibition is appropriately on display at the Dubai International Finance Centre through November 8th.

We're partial to New York photographer Mary Mattingly's achingly sad work (like the shot above) but it's an impressive group, and one of them will nab a nifty cash prize. Hopefully they'll do the right thing and give the money to Ed Begley, Jr.

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