If every leak from "informed sources" about Transformers 2 was true, it would be insane (even by Michael Bay standards) and 10 hours long. At least the leaks about Quantum Of Solace and Splinter come from the directors themselves. And official sources are revealing that one of Lost's weirdest characters will be back next season, after a long absence. Plus there are some loopy-but-true spoilers for Fringe, Heroes, Chuck, My Own Worst Enemy, Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse. It's all true — except the stuff that isn't. Either way, it's awesome because it's spoilers. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: More spoilers from an anonymous source. Apparently, Arcee, the female Transformer, doesn't die in the movie — instead, she doesn't show up until later on, and she spends most of her time in robot form instead of her three-motorcycles version. Only one character combines with an Autobot to make a bigger robot. The Constructicon is nine vehicles put together, but it'll only put in a brief appearance. Scorponok is back, and he uses his internal "spark" to restore life to one of the Decepticons. (Gosh, which one could it be?) [Seibertron] Meanwhile, a guy who knows a guy has a buttload of spoilers. Apparently Soundwave is black, and does not have an Earth mode. (So not only is he not a pick-up truck, he's nothing at all, in Earth terms.) And the Decepticons mention Soundwave during their discussions. The Constructicons join together to form Devastator more than once. Jetfire starts off as a Destructicon and then changes sides. Also, John Turturro's character dies at last. Optimus Prime "has a scene with a trailer." And Ravage is actually a biological weapon, and there's no Laserbeak. The ice cream truck, the Chevy Volt, and the Hummer HX are not Transformers. And Megatron doesn't return (possibly as a tank) until the end of the movie — when Soundwave resurrects him. And finally, "the Fallen" is an old Cybertronian legend — it's not one robot but a whole army of robots who are supposed to protect the Cube. When Sam goes bonkers and starts talking gibberish, he's actually reciting Cybertronian hieroglyphics prophesying the return of the Fallen. [TFW2005] And meanwhile, Transformers Live is casting a bit of doubt on the rumors we reported the other day, including the idea that Jetfire creates wormholes and Soundwave turns into a satellite. [Transformers Live] Quantum Of Solace: Still not sure if this movie is science fictional, but here's a tidbit: director Marc Foster said he originally filmed a cliffhanger ending where Bond sees Mr. White, the villain from Casino Royale. That scene will appear on the DVD, but the theatrical version has a tidier ending where James Bond finds his "quantum of solace." [Commander Bond] Splinter: I'm way more excited about this indie parasite movie after reading Sci Fi Wire's interview with director Toby Wilkins. The film takes its time to establish the characters so we identify with them and invest in how they deal with the crisis. The fungal parasite isn't from space, it's just always been here. And it "pilots" the human skeleton without any regard for how your joints are supposed to bend, or speed, or gravity, or other concerns. It has two states: dormant (which is like the spines of a sea urchin) and active, where it grows and multiplies and creates new tendons around your skeletal structure. It's basically a dumb animal. [Sci Fi Wire] Dollhouse: In the sixth episode of Joss Whedon's programmable amnesiac show, "True Believer," we'll meet Jonas Sparrow, a "charismatic leader of a quasi-Christian religious cult." [SpoilerTV] Battlestar Galactica: Edward James Olmos, the master of vague sweeping statements, says the ending of BSG "is like a great book. You love reading it and you want to find out what happens in the story, but you also are so sad it is ending. That's how I feel about Battlestar. It has been a great experience for me. I don't want it to end, but I think the ending is so strong that I am happy to have fans see it. People are going to get their minds blown." Okay. He also said he's editing the TV movie, and: "You will actually see it come to a conclusion. That's amazing in my eyes because it is such a large story." [EW] Lost: Fionnula Flanagan's "creepy ring-seller" is related to a major character, who is not Desmond. Also, Abaddon actor Lance Reddick has been spotted in Hawaii filming the sixth episode of the season. Also, the show is casting a new character named Hal, a 70-something white dude who can "still fight the system and win." Finally, the show is also casting a Czech scientist named Mike, who's on the brink of something big. [EW] It sounds like Hal and Mike both debut in episode seven. And we'll also meet a barfly named Vicki, who knows how to read a guy "better than he knows himself" and get what she wants. Also in that episode: Rupa, a sweet young Indian professional woman who can be tougher than she appears. She handles difficult customers with "charm and ease." And Nandi, another young Indian, a man who's used to working with difficult people. [SpoilersLost] Heroes: According to the new TV Guide, Daphne will go back to the farm in Kansas where she grew up. Matt follows her out to the farm, but he has to convince her dad to let him talk to her. Daphne is hiding a big secret in her bedroom somewhere. And as we've mentioned, an "eclipse" in an upcoming episode makes the heroes lose all their powers. Meanwhile, the title of the first episode of the "Fugitives" storyline is rumored to be called "Clear And Present Danger." [The ODI] Fringe: The next new Fringe episode won't air until Nov. 11, and it's called "In Which We Meet Mr. Jones." [SpoilerTV] That episode is "really intense," says Astrid actor Jasika Nicole. She explains: "Astrid has to commandeer this weird line that they're crossing. It involves one of the members of the team directly, and then someone outside of the team, and they're trying to bridge a gap. It's similar to when Olivia was in the tank and she [communicated with John]." Also, we'll find out at some point why Astrid came back to the lab after Walter attacked and sedated her. One possible theory is that she is Dr. William Bell. [TV Guide] Also, we'll soon learn whether Peter really has an illness, or whether references to his "medical condition" are part of Walter's paranoia. The answer is "very very interesting," says John Noble. And Peter's devotion to finding the Pattern may not be totally altruistic — he's staying close to something that could be beneficial down the road. Olivia and Peter aren't going to be getting together any time soon. But meanwhile, Olivia kisses another boy (one we haven't met yet) and she may be open to other romances. She just doesn't have any room in her life for someone like Peter. But Olivia does connect emotionally with Walter, who manages to seem more like a normal middle-aged man and less like a crazy science freak. [E! Online] My Own Worst Enemy: OMG, what happens in this split-personality brain-chip show's fourth episode, "That Is Not My Son"? Here's the synopsis:

During Edward’s (Christian Slater) rescue mission to get Raymond (Mike O’Malley) out of captivity, Henry (Slater) wakes up to find himself in the midst of gunfire. Paula (Michelle Krusiec, “What Happens in Vegas”), a fellow operative overhears a panicked Henry put in a call to Mavis (Alfre Woodard), revealing his identity. Henry/Edward’s fate now lies in her hands. Meanwhile, Mary Grady (Missy Yager) finds out that her suspicions about Tom (O’Malley) are true; and a relationship between Dr. Skinner (Saffron Burrows) and Edward is exposed.

And the following episode will be called "The Night Train To Moscow." [SpoilerTV] Chuck: Here are some pics from episode six, "Chuck Vs. The Ex." And the following episode will be called "Chuck Vs. The Fat Lady." [ChuckTV]