Which super-giant robot will not be turning up in Transformers 2, despite all of the rumors otherwise? Is James Bond really on a revenge kick in his new movie? What's forcing humans to stay indoors in the new Bruce Willis movie Surrogates? What look is Seth Rogen going for in Green Hornet? And what's the truth about the Dharma station in Lost? The answer to these questions, and many others, are under a level one spoiler warning. So are our super-deadly spoilers for Star Trek, Doctor Who, Heroes, Life On Mars, Smallville, True Blood, Chuck and Stargate Atlantis. Do you dare to part the gauzy veil of spoilers? Star Trek: UGO has one of their spoiler round-ups, this time about Trek. Nothing there that we haven't reported before, but it's nice to have it all in one place. [UGO] Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: Even more answers from our oracle, Roberto Orci. Tidal Wave, the aircraft carrier Transformer, will not be in the sequel. "Couldn't make it work for the story," he says. (The questioner asks specifically about "the sequel," so I don't think Orci is referring to the first movie.) And as we've mentioned, he shot down that Soundwave=pickup truck rumor too. Something "really big" will be in the movie, but it may or may not be Devastator. And we may get to see a human get stepped on by a Transformer. [Transformerslive] Quantum Of Solace: Still on the fence about whether this is one of the science fiction-y Bond films, but meanwhile here's an interview where Daniel Craig talks about how everybody thinks Bond is out for revenge in this film but it's really just a smokescreen. Or something.

Surrogates: Elizabeth Banks, who's producing this Bruce Willis film about shut-in humans who use robot surrogates to interact with the outside world, gave a bit of a summary:

They don't leave their house because of global warming, and it's dangerous, and there are terrorists. It's like a world gone mad, where we have created this environment where there's no danger because your surrogate can do anything. If your surrogate gets run over by a car, nobody dies. Your surrogate is just like your car getting ruined. So your surrogate is almost like your cell phone is right now. It's your access to everything else in the world, and that's what the movie is about.

(More details at the link.) [Sci Fi Wire] Green Hornet: This is sort of a spoiler, I suppose: Seth Rogen is losing a ton of weight to play the Green Hornet, meaning he won't be going for the dubious comedy value of a chubby superhero running around and jumping across rooftops. [Sci Fi Wire] Doctor Who: There will definitely be some "Doctor Who-themed scenes" in this year's "Children In Need" charity night on Nov. 14, the BBC says. [Planet Gallifrey] Lost: Someone witnessed a bit of the filming of an upcoming episode: Sawyer and Juliet (both in good shape) are on the beach. Faraday comes ashore, and starts rambling about how he's from the past, and not the future. Charlotte and Miles (also in good shape) show up. Charlotte tries to calm Faraday down, but he keeps talking crazy. The five of them stay together. And then there's some kind of attack. [Spoilers Lost] Apparently the earlier report, that there are multiple Dharma stations off the island, isn't actually true. There's only one. And it may not be true that the Dharma station is the key to getting back to the island, either. The show hasn't shot those scenes yet, so it may be that certain things are still up in the air. [E! Online] Brian K. Vaughn has already co-written one episode (out of the first seven) of the new season. And this new season will be "the strangest thing that's ever been on network television, ever." [Collider] Heroes: Peter and Sylar are both "mama's boys," and they'll work together to free their mom from daddy Arthur's terrible powers. Also, the producers originally planned to kill Daphne the speedster by the end of this "volume," but now she'll live on. Meanwhile, Kristen Bell is back as Elle next week, and she's got a problem — instead of controlling her electrical powers, they're controlling her. She tries to find HRG to help her, but instead she hooks up with Claire, and they try to team up against Pinehearst, despite the fact that they hate each other. [E! Online] Also, one of the show's blonde female heroes will be dying soon-ish. (And we just heard it won't be Daphne.) Tracy? Elle? Does Meredith count as blonde? Also, in the upcoming flashback episode, we'll meet the woman who might be Sylar's baby-mama — it turns out he knew her before he started slicing people's heads open. [E! Online again] According to TV Guide's Matt Mitovich, someone puts out a contract on Matt Parkman's life — and the assassin is one of the last people you'd expect. (Can we call a moratorium on saying that about Heroes? At this point, I expect pretty much anything from any of the characters, because their behavior is completely randomized.) In the battle between Arthur and Angela Petrelli, Angela gets an edge from a person out of the past, someone who's connected to Bob Hope's theme song, "Thanks for the memory." [TV Guide via Watching Heroes] And here's the official description for episode eight, the all-flashback episode. Another week, another random relative of Claire's:

To prepare for the confrontation ahead, Hiro (Masi Oka) follows respected businessman, husband and father Arthur Petrelli (guest star Robert Forster) in the days before he “died” — to discover what drove him to create rival company Pinehearst and strike at Angela (Cristine Rose). Later, a moment unfolds where Sylar (Zachary Quinto), horrified and guilt-ridden, might have stopped his murderous pursuit of abilities — that is, if H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) and Elle (guest star Kristen Bell) had swayed from their monstrous assignment. Finally, under the wing of Company man Thompson (guest star Eric Roberts), agent-in-training Meredith (guest star Jessalyn Gelsig) watches her new life go up in smoke, following the arrival of her hot-headed brother.

[The ODI] Life On Mars: In the pics we posted yesterday from the show's fifth episode, you may have noticed Whoopi Goldberg with some awesome hair. Now some deets have come out about her role. Goldberg plays a disc jockey, "Brother Lovebutter," in the episode about racial violence between African Americans and Puerto Ricans. [UPI] Chuck: Here's the official press release for episode six, "Chuck Vs. The Ex." We reviewed a ton of script pages from this episode ages ago.

Chuck (Zachary Levi) runs into his ex-girlfriend Jill (guest star Jordana Brewster) while on a Nerd Herd call. In an attempt to save face, he lies to the girl who broke his heart and tells her that he is more successful than he really is. When Chuck flashes on Jill’s boss—a research scientist who may have developed a deadly bio-weapon, he, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) must find out if Jill is involved. Meanwhile at the Buy More, Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) nearly chokes to death, which leads company efficiency expert Emmett (guest star Tony Hale) to implement a mandatory CPR course taught by Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin).

[SpoilerTV] Smallville: When Lana comes back, we'll (not surprisingly) learn why she's returned, and where she's been all this time. [E! Online] And here's the official synopsis of the Kara episode, "Bloodline."

Clark (Tom Welling) receives an anonymous package containing the crystal that Tess (Cassidy Freeman) found in the Arctic. When he removes the crystal, it activates and sends him and a visiting Lois (Erica Durance) to the Phantom Zone where they run into Kara (guest star Laura Vandervoort). Kara opens a portal for Lois to return but Zod’s wife Faora escapes with her and takes over Lois’ body. A possessed Lois goes on a rampage in Metropolis.

[OSCK] Stargate Atlantis: Here are some promo pics from the show's very last episode, "Enemy At The Gate." [Gateworld]

True Blood: Here are the official plot descriptions of the remaining episodes of the season. [UGO] Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.