A guy who's seen Watchmen twice has some news for you about the movie's ending. And that same guy, Kevin Smith, spilled the beans a bit about the structure of the new Star Trek movie. Meanwhile, Roberto Orci told the fans which robots won't be showing up in Transformers 2, and what Soundwave's alt mode won't be. There's also a super-spoilery new video about Sarah Connor Chronicles. And the spoiler floodgates are opening on the new James Bond movie after its first showing. Plus there are some decent spoilers about Life On Mars, Heroes, Fringe, Chuck, Eleventh Hour, Knight Rider, Sanctuary, and Smallville. Which one of those shows features a bikini-clad car-washing girl? It's a spoiler! Watchmen: We already covered most of the details from the secret Watchmen screening that happened on Tuesday, but a few more trickled out. Rorschach is referred to as the smartest man in the world, in addition to having the best fighting skills. Dr. Manhattan takes apart complex engines and reassembles them. He teleports people and "can change the tint of his blue." In the trailer, when you see Nite Owl screaming in the snow, he's screaming about the death of Rorschach at Dr. Manhattan's hands. After Rorschach dies, there is a "stupid moment" between Silk Spectre and Nite Owl, and then the camera pans around a bit more and the movie ends. Oh, and the scene at the end with Rorschach's journal at the New Frontiersman is in there too. [Movies-Spoilers] And Kevin Smith, who has seen the film twice, more or less confirms the ending is changed from the book. The new ending makes it more about the characters. (Which fits in with the "framing Dr. Manhattan" idea) and works just as well as the original, he insists. [Collider] Star Trek: Smith also mentioned some tidbits about Star Trek. Most notably, the movie introduces the familiar characters one by one, sort of the way Blues Brothers brings the band back together — except this time they're coming together for the first time. And the last castmember we meet is Simon Pegg's Scotty. But Scotty is still "front and center" in the movie. [Collider again] Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: Writer Roberto Orci went on the TFW2005 boards to throw some cold water on the rumor-mongers. He denies that Soundwave, the robot that turned into a tapedeck in the cartoons, is now a pick-up truck. But he admitted that Soundwave may be a truck of some sort — just not a pick-up. Also, he said the "Fallen" in the movie's title could be the name of a robot, or it could just refer to the defeated side in a battle. The fight scenes will be even longer in the second movie than in the first. And we'll probably meet a Decepticon who is ridiculously loyal to Megatron and the Decepticon cause. But it won't be Tidal Wave, because he's not in the movie. [TFW2005] As fast as Orci shoots down the rumors, more rumors crop up. An inside source tells Seibertron that Optimus Prime will combine with Jetfire. And Soundwave's alternate form is actually a satellite, but he may turn into a truck as well. Ravage uses biological warfare against the humans. And Jetfire can create wormholes. Also, Scorpinok will return. Also, there's speculation that the female Transformer Arcee dies early in the movie, because those motorbikes haven't been seen on set since the "steel mill" sequences which happen early in the film. [Seibertron] Meanwhile, sources confirm that three motorcycles combine to create Arcee, and you can see those bikes in the first set video that Wal-Mart released. [TFW2005 again] Quantum Of Solace: The new Bond film showed the other day in London, and a bunch of details spilled out. The movie picks up after the last one, with Bond capturing the injured Mr. White, who taunts him that his secret organization Quantum had been so paranoid about the British listening in to its conversations, when all along the spies had no clue that Quantum existed. James Bond is a "cauldron of burning rage" in QOS, and M puts him on MI6's capture-or-kill list while the CIA threaten to take him out. (For ribs? Ribs are nice.) Matthieu Amalric's villain is a fake environmentalist who schemes to overthrow the government of Bolivia and control the country's natural resources. At one point, Bond and his sidekick Camille are in an ancient plane, being chased by a superjet through the mountains. [The Mirror and Empire and TheShiznit and London Times via Slashfilm And here's an interview with Daniel Craig, plus some footage. [SpoilerTV-Movies] Click to view Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Looks like the bad Terminator played by Garret Dillahunt is getting way closer to tracking down John Connor, judging from this sneak peek and interview with the actor. I think the clips are from next week's episode. [TSCCHypnoWeb]

The studio sent us some pics of Kendra Shaw getting all snuggly in tonight's episode.

And it sounds like Kendra Shaw will be sticking around for a while, judging from the synopsis for the Nov. 3 episode, "Brothers Of Nablus":

The Connors find themselves on high alert and in odd company after their house is robbed. Elsewhere, one Terminator terrorizes Ellison, while another gets dangerously close to John Connor. Meanwhile, Derek and Jesse continue to get reacquainted.


Fringe: Here's a promo for House and Fringe that I think includes some new footage:

Life On Mars: In the fifth episode, "Things to Do in New York When You Think You're Dead," a racial confrontation brews between African Americans and Puerto Ricans in the neighborhood, when a young African American girl's body is discovered, flung from a rooftop. Working the case with Sam and the precinct, is the young Fletcher Bellow, who will be Sam's mentor in 2008. The Black Liberation Army is intent on hunting down the Puerto Rican suspect, Angel Ramirez, and exacting their own rough justice. Meanwhile, Sam has to battle the racial attitudes in his own precinct, and in the end there's a tense rooftop confrontation which leads to shots being fired. And here are some promo pics. Check out the special guest star in one of those crowd scenes. [SpoilerTV]

Heroes: The second half of Heroes season four, "Fugitives," will be huge and epic, promises star Greg Grunberg. All of the heroes are "working together and on the run because there's this looming power that wants us gone." [IESB] And who could that looming power be? Well, there's one clue. Producer Jesse Alexander posted in his Flickr stream pictures of a cargo plane, labeled "Villain Transport." Who is this villain, and why does he/ she need such a big plane? (Perhaps, through the miracle of filming, the plane will appear to be complete. Or maybe it's just a piece of a plane for a reason.) Also, it sounds as though Arthur Petrelli will be in the show through at least episode 9. [The ODI]

Chuck: Are you excited about Simple Life star Nicole Richie showing her acting chops on tonight's Chuck? Here she is talking about the role, with a few short clips thrown in. [Multipleverses] Click to view Eleventh Hour: Marley Shelton talks about her character, tough-as-nails bodyguard Rachel. (U.S. only, I'm afraid.) [SpoilerTV] Knight Rider: In the show's 13th episode (time flies!) called "I Love The Knightlife," there's a superserum called HXP serum, which enhances soldier's speed, strength and endurance, developed by Dr. Lawrence Gogol. But a freelance assassin named Victor Galt and his sexy nightclub-owning partner Alexandra Pachinko (really) steal the serum, and Mike has to go undercover to find out what happened. Dr. Gogol's right-hand women on the HXP project is a sexy, sassy PhD named Megan, who is impressed with Billy's scientific knowledge. (Rowrrr.) Colonel Partain is in charge of finding out what happened to the HXP serum, and doesn't trust Mike. But who cares about some super-serum being stolen? What you want to know is, will there be a hot chick in a bikini, who's raising money by washing cars? And will some hapless thug get "taken for a ride" by KITT and get confused? Yes, and yes. [SpoilerTV] Smallville: In the Nov. 6 episode, "Bloodline," Clark's cousin Kara returns, and Lois discovers she suddenly has superpowers. And in the Nov. 13 episode, "Abyss," Chloe's memories get replaced with Kryptonian code by Brainiac, and Clark takes her to the Fortress so Jor-El can fix her up. Davis tells Chloe she's marrying the wrong man. [OSCK] Sanctuary: Want to see the new title sequence that this Amanda Tapping show will be sporting soon? Check it out the link. [Sci Fi Wire] Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.