If you've ever had your eyeballs scooped out by director Takeshi Miike's gorefests Audition and Ichi the Killer, you might be wondering why his next project is full of cute doggy robots and silly superheroes who battle across time. The guy is nothing if not versatile, and his big-budget scifi comedy YatterMan could be this spring's coolest live-action redo of an anime since Cutie Honey. He's got a couple teasers up on the YatterMan site, one of which you can see here. YatterMan is based on a late-1970s Japanese TV show about, well, heroes and villains who fight across time. You can see the cute intro to the series here.

A second teaser for the Takeshi production, just released, shows the bad guys' lair. You can check it out on the YatterMan official site. YatterMan [ via Anime News Network]