Too busy speculating about the ending of Zack Snyder's Watchmen? Don't worry we've got a round up of this weeks best stories just for you.Transformers Roll Out in Zhejiang Province Transformers was the first foreign cartoon allowed to air in the People’s Republic of China, and the tales of robots in disguise have left an indelible impression on a generation of Chinese men. One fan, Mr. Zhu of China's Zhejiang province, has used his love of Transformers to turn a profit. Zhu constructs his own Autobots from used car parts (including the BMW front end seen here) in order to promote his scrap metal business. Recycled Robots Refuse To Resort To Type Last week, we told you about Nerdbots' method of recycling, but they're not the only ones making finding new things to do with yesterday's debris - Jeremy Mayer is also finding new ways to turn trash into a particularly beautiful robotic art. What Movie Will Be The Next Dark Knight? Even if The Dark Knight hadn't broken sales records — and proved a superhero movie could make you think — there would still be a spandex avalanche coming our way in the next few years. But now, it's inevitable that every one of those films will be compared to Dark Knight. Will any of them measure up? Is this even a fair standard to apply to capes-and-CGI pictures? Here's our forecast of upcoming superhero films — and our verdict on which one has the best chance of being the next Knight. Join a Mass Experiment in Futurist Speculation with the Game "Superstruct" The year is 2019, and a report has just come out proving that the Earth's population is likely to suffer catastrophic collapse by the 2040s. Energy costs are rising, a new pandemic called ReDS is devastating the globe, homelessness has reached epic proportions, and the internet has become a miasma of spam that prevents everyone from communicating. Now it's up to you and a few thousand other futurists to save the planet by quickly inventing new social structures that can stop all our civilizational "superthreats" before it's too late. On the game design team are futurist Jamais Cascio (we've got an interview with him) and celebrated game innovator Jane McGonigal, among many others. They helped shape Superstruct into an experimental game that asks you to do the opposite of what most MMOs do. Instead of inventing a character to play, you have to play yourself — 11 years into the future. Why Frank Miller's Spirit Can Only Fail I've noticed a trend: We do a post about the upcoming movie version of The Spirit, and commenters complain that we're too negative about it. Is it a ploy to bury Frank Miller's directing career, you ask? Why are we hating so much on a movie that we've not seen, and judging it on solely on the trailers and interviews and pre-release hype that we're supposed to be excited about? Well, speaking solely for myself, the reason that I'm afraid of the Spirit movie is because of why I love the Spirit comics. Brick Director Rian Johnson Explains His New Time Travel Movie Brick, Rian Johnson's high-school noir movie, was one of my favorite films of the past few years. He was in town promoting his new con-man romance, The Brothers Bloom, and we got the chance to ask him about his planned third movie, a time-travel thriller called Looper. And he explained why you are probably trapped in a genre. The Greatest Depressions (and Economic Recoveries) of Science Fiction Science fiction never fails to predict bizarre, unwelcome futures and the current global economic meltdown is no exception. We love to imagine all the ways our world will end not with a bang, but with a flood of hemorrhaged garbage cash. Two of this year's scifi film crop, Babylon A.D. and The Road, predict a geopolitical landscape shredded by scarcity. But unlike most politicians, science fiction tales offer a wide range of solutions to economic peril: everything from time-travel-enhanced investments to interstellar hypercapitalism. And yet at the heart of even the most Utopian solution to financial collapse there lurks a tale of human self-destructiveness, a not-so-buried wish to see the species destroyed or enslaved for its economic choices. Do our fantasies doom us to financial failure? Bookies Suspend Bets On Aliens Landing Today In probably what is the biggest vote of confidence for alien contact with Earth, all of the bookies suspended bets on contact today. A psychic came out with remarkably detailed predictions about first contact, including the date — today — and a location. You can't bet on the mothership showing up, but you can still speculate. I just checked on the roof earlier — they're not here yet, so you've still got time to tidy up. Details and videos below. Massive Dynamic's Bionic Woman Drops A Bombshell We got a chance to chat with Blair Brown, who plays Nina Sharp, the powerful face of the shady corporation Massive Dynamic, on Fringe. After talking to Brown, we were left with even more questions about J.J. Abrams' weird science romp. But most interesting was the tiniest of hints Brown dropped about Nina's past. Shipmates In Love: The Best Real-Life Scifi Couples Wonderful news, scifi lovers — Lisa Bonet (Life On Mars) and Jason Momoa (Ronon from Stargate Atlantis) are expecting another little bundle of joy. This will be the second child for the couple (Bonet's third), and we send those two nothing but interstellar good wishes. Their happy news got me thinking that this is a mighty small universe. So many science fiction stars are pair-bonding with their crewmates and companions, and we've put together the power list of scifi's greatest couples, past and present.