The trailer for Dakota Fanning's superpowered teen rebel movie Push has finally come out... and the storyline looks a lot like your fave mutant angst show, Heroes. Except that it looks action-movie awesome, with tons of superpowered people throwing down and telekinesis-assisted gun battles. And it'll only last a couple of hours, which will probably limit the amount of superpowered incest. Details (and spoilers) below. So yeah, the story revolves around a group of people who were born with uncanny abilities, like telekinesis, telepathy and the ability to see the future. And there's a secret organization that hunts them and wants to make use of their powers. And someone has painted the future, in which our heroes die. So it's up to them to change the future. So far, so Heroic. Actually, some of the details are a bit different. Chris Evans' character, Nick Gant, isn't just a mutant — he was genetically altered to be a government assassin. His father is murdered, and he swears revenge against the government agency that created him. Hiding out in Hong Kong, he pulls together a group of "rogue psychics" to take down the secret organization Division. As you see in the trailer, he teams up with Cassie Holmes (Fanning), and besides the missing girl, they're also looking for a suitcase that holds the key to defeating Division. Along the way, they learn about Division's newest project, a drug called R16, which could "shift the tides of psychic warfare." You can watch the trailer in HD at the link. [Apple trailers]