The holiday season is upon us, and already we're flooded with the scifi toy must-haves for everyone's wish list. I can't think of any child that would be sad with a gruesome removable head Harvey Dent figure, a Clone Wars stromtrooper helmet and an ROBOT TRICERATOPS. We've gathered all of the best toys for your view pleasure, make plans for the robo-dino revolution.Kota: Meet Kota the Triceratops Robot. Large enough for a small toddler to sit upon (and spring loaded for your bouncing pleasure). It wag its tail, sings songs, and will purr if you scratch it under it the chin. Kota is a mere $300, but can you really put a price on robo-dino love?

Clone Wars: ZOMG this is an amazing Attack of the Clone Wars stromtrooper helmet. It totally mimics the Thunderbirds look that Lucas and friends were going for with the series. Ok so it's 429 credits but you'll be the most cutting edge stormtrooper at the McDonalds. There are only 1,000 made so hurry, hurry.

Buck Rogers: The Buck Rogers incredibly lifelike figurine is here to slay the baddies and save the space ladies. He comes with his own jet pack and and clear bubble space helmet. Buck is $175 and available at sideshow toy.

One small bit of bad news tho folks it looks like the Cloverfield monster has been discontinued. Alas it may be years until we get to see Clovey in the figurine flesh. Harvey Dent: Hello, super creepy pretty damn life like Dent figure. This 12 inch white knight can change from pre-burned Dent to horribly scared scab face with a mere switch of the heads. Scab scratching revolver included! No details on price yet.

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