You may have already seen the awesome prototype for an upcoming Mickey Mouse Transformer figure (above) and the equally awesome Star Wars Transformers - but did you know about the Marvel Comics Transformers? We have images of all of them, and also a simple question: What is it about Transformers that they can make anything that little bit cooler?


While Star Wars has been undergoing transformations since 2005, the Marvel Comics versions - which also include two different versions of Spider-Man, a Venom and a Wolverine - debuted earlier this year. With Mickey Mouse apparently previewing an upcoming Disney line, it's beginning to look like Hasbro/Takara's line of killer robots is preparing to take over the world in an entirely different way. After Wednesday's finale, I'm holding out for a Project Runway series of Decepticons, if only to see a version of Tim Gunn that really lives up to his name. Mickey Mouse Transformer - Black & White Version [Big Bad Toystore]