A batch of space travelers awaken from their hypersleep and discover they're not alone on their ship. The memory-wiped Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster must now fight the most unlikely of space guests hunting their crew down in new scifi thriller Pandorum. Entertainment Weekly has the first two stills from Pandorum, and it looks like a welcome return of the good old fashioned space thriller. Fingers crossed that Foster and Quaid can deliver, but I'm not going to lie โ€” the bad guys in this flick leave me with more questions than answers. Like, how did this get made again? Spoilers ahead.The two crewmen awaken (Quaid and Foster) and their ship is over run with TRIBESMEN. You know the spear-carrying, "I hunt for food" kind of people. This group of people is now trying to kill the confused and bewildered spacemen. Now, I'd watch Ben Foster open letters for an hour. He's that entertaining of an actor. So actually, I am pretty optimistic, but I'm having trouble accepting the idea of tribal warriors running around on a space ship. If the future human race has invented space travel and hyper space sleep wouldn't you assume that Quaid and Foster would be better equipped with rayguns or blasters to kill said tribe? We're going to have to wait this one out until a trailer surfaces. Until then you can view more stills from the flick at Entertainment Weekly. There is still no release date attached to this film.