Wonderful news, scifi lovers - Lisa Bonet (Life On Mars) and Jason Momoa (Ronon from Stargate Atlantis) are expecting another little bundle of joy. This will be the second child for the couple (Bonet's third), and we send those two nothing but interstellar good wishes. Their happy news got me thinking that this is a mighty small universe. So many science fiction stars are pair-bonding with their crewmates and companions, and we've put together the power list of scifi's greatest couples, past and present.

Meg Ryan And Dennis Quaid: The two met on the set of Innerspace, the movie about shrinking down a man so he can pilot a teeny tiny plane through Martin Short's body. Nothing says romance like piloted colonoscopy. Unfortunately, after a round of he-cheated-then-she-cheated, the two called it quits, thus ruining my chances for an Innerspace sequel with the original cast.

Tom Baker And Lalla Ward: Ah, the lovely Lalla, otherwise known as Romana from the late 70s Doctor Who. She eventually married the Doctor (Tom Baker), but they separated after a short period. But the crazy genius fetish was never far from her heart, because she eventually married evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins.

David Tennant and Sophia Myles: Poor Sophia Myles, she fell hard for David Tennant's manic Doctor Who acting. Her role on the episode "The Girl In The Fireplace" set everyone's hearts ablaze and the chemistry was undeniable. Plus you got to hear the Doctor say, "I just snogged Madame de Pompadour." These two would date for few years before he dumped her flat, upgrading to his own TV offspring.

David Tennant and Georgia Moffett: The real-life daughter of 1980s Doctor Peter Davison, Moffett played Tennant's blonde bubbly daughter and this relationship makes us all a little woozy. After watching the Doctor shed tears over his fake daughter's supposed demise, it's a little off-putting to see them hitting the town together. Granted, they're not actually related but still, come on. No worries - we can only assume once she turns 30 she'll be upgraded as well.

Ben Browder and Francesca Buller Sexy science fiction geekery at its best. He's known for steaming up the screen in Farscape and Stargate (SG-1), and she's known for playing hella crazy war monger Ahkna. Buller also played M'Lee, Ro-NA, and Raxil. The two are still happily married, because Browder is a fox and from watching years of him having almost-sex in Farscape's puppet world, I think we can all assume he knows what he's doing.

Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman: In 1998, these two were married, a year after they stared in Gattaca, but were splitsville in 2004. I blame their genes. It's too bad because while her career has soared with ass kicking films like Kill Bill, his has taken a turn for the so-so, apart from Training Day.

Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly: Who could forget the 12-year age gap in the relationship between Alba and Weatherly? For four years, Dark Angel viewers didn't know whether to be excited or uneasy that Weatherly was taking out someone 12 years his junior. When she was 20 years old, he proposed. Their four-year relationship eventually ended, but not without making Dark Angel just a little bit creepy for the audience.

Jennifer Garner And Michael Vartan: Jennifer Garner's resume kind of reads like her love life until she started getting better movie deals. This one breaks my heart, because I was all in favor of the wig-rocking Garner, until she dumped poor Scott Foley from Felicity (my high school crush) for Michael Vartan of Alias (my college crush), only to break his heart too, for Daredevil star Ben Affleck. Leaving two lovely men in her wake. I'll pick up the pieces of your hearts, boys.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Argue all you want that Mr. And Mrs. Smith isn't science fiction, but I believe there's enough wild gadgetry and crazy "Father" corporations to make it either a strange not-too-distant future or the seedy scifi underbelly of the present. Either way something about beating the hell out of each other turned on Brad Pitt enough to cast of everyone's favorite Friend for a sexy seductress. As of right now they are still together and popping out Earthlings as fast as they can with a brood of six.

Hayden Christensen And Rachel Bilson: Perhaps this relationship is the one good thing that came out of the movie Jumper. They are both indie-adorable and if it's her love keeps him from making more scifi films then more power to this fedora favoring couple.

Geena Davis And Jeff Goldblum: Their love made Earth Girls Are Easy and The Fly even better than they already would have been. While it's hard for me to imagine Goldblum having chemistry with anyone (he's such a strange bird, that Jeff) watching these two hook up on Earth Girls was incredibly sweet. The two were married for a few years and separated. The separation lead to another genre-based hook-up (and later engagement) for Goldblum, with Jurassic Park hottie Laura Dern.

Helena Bonham Carter And Tim Burton: If there was an award for possibly the craziest couple of them all it's the Carter Burton clan hands down. They met on the set of his remake of Planet of The Apes in 2001, and from then on it was dark and gloomy love all around (the two have two children now).

Rose McGowen And Robert Rodriguez: I think everyone knows our opinion of the McGowin Rodriguez pairing, but ever since they were brought together on film and in real life with Planet Terror, they've decided to remake all genre films including my sacred Barbarella and for that reason alone, they scare me.

Milo Ventimiglia And Hayden Panettiere: Ah, young love - okay, half-young love, because Panettiere is 19 years old and Ventimiglia is 31. But hey, Heroes loves knows no bounds, and the Cheerleader and her emo uncle should live happily ever after, until the show in which they met gets canceled at least.

Additional reporting by Elizabeth Weinbloom.