Dan Tobin Smith’s “still life” photographs have shown us the marvels of exploding teddy bears chronicled in fractions of a second. His new series “Hubble Bubble” places us in the middle of a set of mysterious experiments, in labs filled with immaculate glassware, unusual receptacles, and billows of multi-colored smoke, leaving us to wonder what ends his unseen scientists are trying to achieve.


Chaos is a common theme in Smith’s work, and here he uses gas to play with the notion of order and chaos in science experimentation. The yellow and white smoke above appears ready to consume the carefully placed objects on the counter, but the shape of the billows themselves seem at the same time rigidly controlled. Other photos in the series depict attempts to capture curls of colored gas in open containers, while a few wisps inevitably escape. The rest of the series, which was created for Wallpaper* with creative stylist Fay Toogood is available on Smith’s website. [via today and tomorrow]