Not content with giving us the first Battlestar Galactica spin-off with an all-new cast of characters, the comic book versions of SciFi Channel's hit depressathon continue to give us what the SciFi Channel can't: worthwhile spin-offs to the show. While we wait to see whether Caprica will be as much dull soap opera as origin of the Cylons, the comic book brings us Cylon War.The four issue Cylon War, which launches next year to accompany the final episodes of the TV show, takes the saga back to the beginning - or the beginning that we care about, anyway. Eric Nylund, co-writer for the series with Joshua Ortega, explains the premise:

Josh and I crammed an entire war into four issues, the rise and fall of an two civilizations, and the near destruction of the human race. Our goal is to give reader’s their money’s worth... You’ll see the evolution of the Centurion series throughout the Cylon War series. That was something we really wanted to show. We show a little of the “second” Cylon war, but the focus in the comic series is why and how the human-created robotic forces were weaponized, how and why they turned on humanity... and how the heck humanity survived!


Well, survived to fight (and, for the most part, die) another day, perhaps. The series is illustrated by 2000AD and Terminator: Infinity artist Nigel Raynor, and will begin in January 2009. Dynamite's 'BSG: Cylon War' Starts in Jan [Newsarama]