Someone is pissed they stole his alien movie pitch. The original V series creator Kenneth Johnson is not very happy with ABC for forcing his alien invasion back onto the telly without his blessing. The weird part is what he wrote on his website.On Johnson's site he writes:

When projects that bore Kenny’s original creative stamp and control have been taken on by other people, audiences have seen the results: earlier attempts at reviving V, as well as The Incredible Hulk movies and the recently reimagined Bionic Woman all proved to be serious misfires which unfortunately failed with the critics and with the public. Though ABC is again considering the possibility of developing a TV pilot project, it is a script development deal only and does not in any way affect Kenny’s ongoing efforts to remake his original classic as a major motion picture.


Sounds like sour grapes, but why the strange use of the third person to talk about himself? What I read from this is he's pissed because his script, V: The Second Generation didn't fit the bill for Hollywood or they decided to go "another direction" entirely. I understand his pain because he probably spent some amount of time writing it. But let's call a spade a spade — V was a ridiculous melodrama (which I loved). We're not rewriting Shakespeare here, people. I say do them all: The more face-ripping lizard aliens having sex and enslaving our race the better. [Kenneth Johnson]