If you love reheated and recycled entertainment, then your heart will thrill to a recent interview with Fox co-chairman Tom Rothman. Coming off an apocalyptically bad summer (including Space Chimps, X-Files 2, The Happening, Meet Dave and Babylon A.D.) Fox seems to be looking backwards. Rothman told IESB he's optimistic about upcoming films like The Day The Earth Stood Still and James Cameron's Avatar. But when the conversation turned to remakes and sequels, Rothman trotted out not just a laundry list, but a dry-cleaning list and a darning list as well. A new Predator movie, with or without a post-governorship Arnold Schwarzenegger? Why not. A new Fantastic Voyage remake? In development. (And it won't be as campy as the original, he promises.) A sequel to Hitman? Maybe. A new Die Hard movie? "Never say never." A third X-Files movie, in spite of the second one's poor showing? It's entirely up to Chris Carter. A stand-alone Silver Surfer movie, building on Fantastic Four 2? It's in the pipeline. Independence Day 2? If Roland Emmerich wants to do it, Fox is on board. And, as previously reported, Rothman also told IESB he's already thinking of Avatar in terms of "franchise potential," so we could be seeing Avatar 2 or 3, directed by someone else, in a few years. And then there's the Daredevil reboot, which is "something we are thinking very seriously about." To be fair, at least half of the above-listed projects are probably just being tossed around or just not being "ruled out." But if even half those films get made, and other studios think the same way, our current deluge of contempt-breeding familiarity could look like a trickle by comparison. [IESB]