It's getting closer to the opening date of Repo The Genetic Opera, and these beautiful stills of a scantily clad Paris Hilton and Anthony Head (Giles) with his hands literally inside a screaming mans chest are rekindling my interest. I swore that I could love no other scifi musical like I loved Rocky Horror, but I'll be damned if Repo isn't making me smile and sing along, plus the idea that a corporation can "collect" back the life sustaining organs you purchase may be the next step once this economic crisis wipes out health insurance and Social Security in the future.

Repo the Genetic Opera takes place in a dystopian future where the masses depend on one company to replace their failing organs — just don't miss a payment or they'll rip it right out of you. Check out the picks and listen to the Repo soundtrack at the movie's Myspace page Myspace page. Repo will have a small release on November 7th.