Are you running out of candidates for the final Cylon on Battlestar Galactica? We noticed a couple of guest stars appearing in the last few episodes, who are so out of left field, they could just be the answer. Meanwhile, Ludacris tells us the secrets of the dystopian game-playing movie Game, and we have some new Kick Ass set pics. Plus, Heroes may actually be killing someone for good this time around. Really. Plus there are some pretty decent spoilers for Fringe, Lost, Smallville and Eleventh Hour. Spoilers aren't just what we read, they're who we are. Game: In the upcoming film about playing prisoners as video games, how does the video-game control work? Allow co-star Ludacris to explain: "Because it's all about people playing actual other people as video games, there's a chip involved. [The game works by] planting a chip in someone's brain in order to control their mind and play them as a video game." He plays a leader of the dissidents who oppose making people play in the games, and he never actually goes inside the game himself. [Sci Fi Wire] Kick Ass: Here are a few more set photos for Kick Ass, which pretty much reveal that the movie will have cars in it. No way! More at the link. [CanMag]

Battlestar Galactica: Because it's kind of a slow spoiler day, I poked around the IMDB listings for the final episodes of BSG. As we reported before, William Adama's son Zak appears in the last few episodes — either because he's the last Cylon or because it's a flashback. But also, Xeno Fenner, the foreman of that fuel refining ship where Tyrol led a strike, also appears in the last episode. Could this be because there's a last-minute crisis on the fuel refining ship? Or because he gets drafted into the final battle? Or... because he's the final Cylon??? Also, Crewman Specialist Prosna, a deckhand who dies in the first miniseries when his compartment is on fire and gets vented, is in the second-to-last episode. (A flashback? Final Cylon? You decide.) And the marine, Nowart, who appeared briefly in the most recent episodes, shows up in a bunch of upcoming episodes. As usual with IMDB listings, slight grain of salt is indicated. [IMDB] Fringe: We'll see actor Mark Valley on Fringe again, but we may not see the late John Scott, because he may actually be dead. It's like on Alias, where nobody's ever exactly dead, but they come back in new and surprising forms. And we'll learn why Olivia became a cop, and those qualities are the same reasons Nina is so eager to recruit her. We may learn more about Nina's past, and she's not the villain we thought she was. [E! Online] Lost: One of the Dharma stations that our heroes have to visit in Australia — specifically, on or near Ayers Rock, where Bernard and Rose went on their honeymoon. [E! Online again] Heroes: Wasn't that a crazy episode last night? It just gets crazier. Good news: Adam Monroe dies next week. For good. Maya the mascara-malfunction girl will also die at some point this season. And we'll learn how and why Claire is "different." And as you gathered, Pinehearst, run by Arthur Petrelli and Maury Parkman, is the rival to the Company. And Claire's bio-mom shares her flamey powers with another relative. Also, Elle gets a lot of scenes with Sylar coming up — and she's seeking revenge for her father's murder. [The ODI and E! Online] Also, we'll see Arthur Petrelli wield his powers next week. [E! Online] Eleventh Hour: That upcoming episode we mentioned before, involving a viral outbreak in Pittsburgh? It infects a demolition site. And one actor is playing a character referred to as "skeletal body." Yay! [SpoilerTV] Smallville: This is a big season for Lois and Clark. And Lois makes a big love confession soon, says Eric Durance. You're going to see some vulnerability from Lois. [EW] Here are some promo images from the next couple of episodes, "Prey" and "Identity." [Multiple Verses via OSCK]

Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.