Finally, Dr. Keller does the unthinkable and chooses between the menfolk that have been pining and fighting over her for years over at Stargate Atlantis. She's been faced with the troubling question of brain versus brawn for a very long time, and in last weeks episode, one side finally won her over. True, this is slightly old news but it's too good not to share with everyone.It was Brain! Huzzah the sharp wit and intellect of Rodney McKay slowly wore our dear Dr. Keller down. It was a tough one, too. Last week's episode, "The Lost Tribe," was absolutely the cutest Ronon has ever been. It was pretty sad to watch him be rejected, but alas, someone had to win. And aren't we all glad that the nerdy McKay was victorious? Still, it's sad and let's all brainstorm some hottie wraith we need to pair our buddy up with. Now we must wait out the inevitable sloooooooow burn that is an SGA plot line.