There's a whole weekend's worth of spoilers to get caught up on, including a video of Bumblebee in action in Transformers 2, and an insanely detailed description of Piccolo's costume in Dragonball. If you've been wondering how ordinary people feel about the brainwashed puppet factory in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, then some new script leaks have you covered. And there are tons of revealing photos of Heroes and Torchwood, and ridiculously in-depth summaries of upcoming Chuck episodes. Plus spoilers for Lost, Heroes, Smallville, Knight Rider, My Own Worst Enemy, Life On Mars and the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Spoilers are glide path to the future. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: Here's a piece of Decepticon concept art that showed up on the Superhero Hype forums. Fans are already calling it fake, but just in case it's not, here you go. [Superhero Hype]

And here's video of Bumblebee on the set at the Boneyard. Meanwhile, the film, possibly including its stars, was just filming at the Naval base in Coronado, in a sequence involving (wait for it) huge explosions. [Transformers Live]

The Day The Earth Stood Still: And here's a new international poster for the Earth Stood Still remake, featuring a very, very airbrushed Keanu. [IESB]

Dragonball: The Dragonball fan blog has some descriptions of publicity shots that haven't been released yet. Among the interesting tidbits: Goku rides some kind of three- or four-wheeled bike/buggy. Goku is out on the street, chomping on a giant turkey/chicken drumstick. (Thrilling!) More interestingly, Piccolo fights Goku, and Piccolo's armor is ribbed (for your pleasure), strapped on the side. Piccolo wears weird black leather gloves and has a long sword with a square end. Over this armor, Piccolo wears a reddish brown billowy hooded cloak, with a shiny pink lining. Also, Piccolo looks pale in all the pictures, but "he looks like he has moss forming in his crevices," giving him a greenish tinge. (The innuendo just writes itself.) Oh, and Piccolo has "a bad case of black ear-wax." (??) [dbthemovie] Dollhouse: The fifth episode of Joss Whedon's brainwashed agent show features a character named Joel Mynor, a client of the Dollhouse who lost his wife several years ago. He and Echo share a beautiful night together. And there are some casting script pages for the episode, which are not from the episode's actual script. But they may still be pretty close. It sounds as though one of the mindwiped "Actives" raped another one — the victim may be Sierra. She doesn't remember anything useful, but she's crying at night. Bicks, a fill-in "handler", says he hopes Victor won't remember anything anyway. He asks regular handler Boyd if Sierra is broken, and Boyd says they all are. And there's a reporter doing a news segment on the pervasive stories about the Dollhouse. And he does tons and tons of person-on-the-street interviews about it. He interviews a businessman and a checkout girl, who both think it would be great to be a doll. And a conspiracy nut who thinks everyone's already mind-controlled, and a housewife who fantasizes about what she would hire a doll to do. And a "large black woman" who says people will always need slaves, and nobody "volunteers" to be a slave unless they're already one. And a mousy girl who is alarmed at the idea. And an old guy who would have wanted his own mind-controlled Betty Grable back in the day. There's also a blue-collar guy who talks about how everybody's got a fantasy, and for some guys it might be nice to be try being with another man, knowing the other guy won't remember about it afterwards. The blue-collar guy's wife is shocked. And a professor who explains why memory erasure wouldn't work, or would drive the subject insane — plus this technology would end the human race if it existed. And a sketchy guy who's heard rumors. And a teenage girl who thinks it could be beautiful to have someone be the perfect person for a while. And a woman in jeans who says it's human trafficking, end of story. (Wow, that's a lot of person-on-the-street interviews for one episode.) [SpoilerTV] Lost: Sounds like Hurley's going to be spending some time on a boat at sea. I'm still wondering what happens to Hurley after he gets badly injured in the scenes they were filming a couple weeks back, by the way. [Doc Arzt] Heroes: According to Brea Grant, we'll see more of Daphne and Matt together soon. And we find out tonight whom Daphne is working for. The turtle will be around for a while and will outlast some cast members. And we'll see more of Daphne's emotional side. Speaking of which, here are some pics from upcoming episodes which show an Elle/Claire catfight. And it looks like Arthur is still in his hospital bed next week, despite being up and about this week. (Maybe Adam heals him?) [The ODI]

Were you wondering why Claire's bio-mom was such a psycho with her "let me teach you fighting skills by suffocating you in a metal container" trick? Me too. Maybe this interview can help explain. [TV Guide] Torchwood: As we mentioned before, Torchwood turned its "Hub" set in Cardiff into a giant crater, and there were huge fireballs and stuff. Paramedics had to grab Gwen and drag her away from the debris. Also, people witnessed the filming of scenes where Gwen drives an ambulance and then falls out of it. And new castmember Lisa drives a military jeep with a trooper. Here are some more pics. [Wales Online and Alun.Vega via Planet Gallifrey]

Meanwhile, here are some more location reports. Rhys' gray car is parked on the curb, and Rhys runs up, throws a backpack into it and yells for Gwen. She runs up and shoots at a Land Rover full of troopers, plus her old pal PC Andy. She jumps in the car and shouts "Just go!" and then Rhys drives off. In anohter sequence, Ianto runs away from a security guard who shoots at him. [Paul Mount, via Planet Gallifrey again] Life On Mars: Just like in the British version, Life On Mars will show Sam interacting with his own mom in the past. Here's the synopsis of "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadows?":

Sam is unwillingly but hypnotically pulled back into his childhood when he becomes entangled in local gangster Nick Profaci's assault on a young, beautiful woman. Sam is amazed to discover that the woman, who is oddly familiar to him, is actually his mother back in 1973. While he anxiously attempts to save her, he uncovers two unsolved murders of women that possibly point to the involvement of Profaci and his mob boss, Elliot Casso's. But even more alarming is the discovery that members of the 1-2-5 - including Lt. Hunt - may be mixed up with Casso and his crew and may have prevented justice from being carried out

[SpoilerTV] Smallville: In episode 7, "Identity," after Jimmy snaps a blurry image of Clark saving Lois at super-speed, he shows it to Tess, who decides to run it on the front page of the Daily Planet. (Newspapers love blurry images of indistinct blobs, it's a known fact.) Clark asks Chloe to run interference with Jimmy, but she refuses. [Smallville Spoilers] And actor Cassidy Freeman explains more about Tess, our emergency Lex substitute. [BuddyTV]

My Own Worst Enemy: I'm sort of fascinated with this evil-brain-microchip show, launching this week. In the second episode, Henry goes to see a doctor because he's convinced "they" put something in his head. Later, the doctor calls back to say Henry's fears were justified — but it's the evil Edward who answers the phone. Ooh. And in the third episode, a friend of Henry's turns up dead. The FBI comes to ask Henry about his company, and Henry starts to tell them about where he works. The FBI guys are like, no, the other place. [SpoilerFix] Sarah Connor Chronicles: If Shirley Manson gets her way, her liquid metal Terminator will get laid soon. (Apart from that little alleyway hookup she had last week.) She says, "Apparently, I am capable of having sex. They've got the mechanics for it. And I can just have better sex because I'm more highly evolved. My technique's better. I'd love to see some robot sex." [NME] Chuck: Someone posted incredibly detailed synopses of the next two Chuck episodes over at Like, every detail. In a nutshell, in tonight's episode, "Chuck vs. the Break-Up," Chuck gets jealous when he sees Bryce and Sarah together (continued from last week.) We see a flashback of Sarah and Bryce together on a mission, back when they were dating and pretending to be a married couple on assignment, hiding from bad guys. Now Bryce and Sarah have to pretend to be a married couple again to track down a rich guy who has a microchip containing the identities of a ton of undercover agents. Chuck has to be a waiter (as you've probably seen) and feels jealous watching Bryce and Sarah do too good a job of "playing" a couple. Chuck blows his cover, just he spots the chip on the rich guy's keychain, plus a Fulcrum agent nearby. Then there's an explosion and Sarah gets hurt protecting Chuck. Both Chuck and Bryce bring flowers to Sarah in the hospital. Captain Awesome tells Bryce that Sarah and Chuck are serious about each other, which Awesome knows because he's an expert on the human heart. Bryce tells Chuck he's worried that Sarah's feelings for Chuck will compromise her safety. Chuck says she can look after herself. Chuck arranges to hand over some money in exchange for the chip, but it all goes wrong. Sarah has a chance to shoot a Fulcrum agent, but hesitates because she can't risk hitting Chuck. Totally proving Bryce's point. Casey shows up and saves the day. Later, Bryce tells Chuck will do the right thing, because he always does. And Bryce insists on leaving Chuck his special spy glasses. Finally, Chuck breaks up with Sarah because they can never have a future together, especially since he'll never know the real Sarah, and she'll always be off quelling a revolution in Guatemala using a spoon when he wants to tell her the dumb thing Morgan did today. She tells him one day, when the Intersect is out of his head, he'll forget all about her. He doubts that. Chuck puts on Bryce's spy glasses and gets an update to the Intersect. Meanwhile, there's that whole subplot about the jocks who are using the media room at the Buy More. Morgan can't stand up to them, so he cuts the power to the media room when they're in there. They say they'll kick Morgan's ass after work, so he hides out in the Buy More all night. The next day, Morgan finally gets his courage up to face the jocks in a "cage match," but Anna saves his ass, kicking their butts with a camera tripod. Casey considers recruiting Anna as an agent. And then in next week's episode, "Chuck Vs. The Cougars," we see some flashbacks to teenage Sarah when her con-man daddy was arrested and she dug up a box of money her dad put aside for her in case of an emergency. Then we meet Heather (Nicole Richie) who went to high school with Sarah — whose real name is Jenny Bourton. Chuck comes over to find out as much as he can about Sarah's real past, and then he flashes on Heather's husband. He makes a dinner date for himself and Sarah with Heather and her husband. Sarah is pissed, but then it turns out Heather's husband is going to sell some bombing jet plans to some bad people. At dinner, some goons try to beat up Mark (Heather's husband) but Casey stops them. Mark was in the stall hiding out, so he thinks Chuck stopped the goons by himself. They arrange for Mark to hand over the plans to the bad guys at Sarah and Heather's high school reunion. There, we discover that Sarah was not quite so pretty in high school. Chuck and co. think a slimy jock who hit on Sarah after her dad was arrested is the guy buying the plans. But it turns out he just wants to sell them drugs or something. Instead, it's actually Nicole Richie, who orders assassins to kill her own husband as well as Chuck, now that her cover is blown. Sarah beats the crap out of Nicole Richie and comes out of the bathroom all messed up, just in time to be named reunion queen. Later Chuck brings Sarah a cheeseburger to help her recover, and says she seems like she was just a normal high school kid. We see one last flashback, of the guy who got Sarah's dad arrested, recruiting her for the CIA. And Sarah says she'll answer one of Chuck's questions about her past. But he says he doesn't care any more about her past, he just knows who she is know: someone he'd like to share a cheeseburger with. [] Also, there's a casting call for episode 13, "Chuck vs. The Third Dimension," which could be the actual 3-D episode. Chuck has to protect a handsome rock-and-roll superstar, Tyler Martin. Along the way, he meets Achmed, a dangerous, handsome Libyan. And two or more "Vixens," who are like Bond girls. [SpoilerTV] Knight Rider: Okay, I know what's going on here. The reason why some of you guys are not so excited about Knight Rider is because there hasn't been an appearance by KARR, the amoral robot car. First featured in the episode "Trust Doesn't Rust" (so true!) KARR is the original prototype of KITT, but he's too obsessed with self-preservation and will kill his human occupants if it suits his purposes. In the twelfth episode of Knight Rider, "Knight To King's Pawn," KITT is stolen, so his dangerous robotic counterpart, KARR, can be reactivated. Who's behind the theft? Jack Hurst, a 40-something "badass NSA commander" who used to be in charge of Knight Industries' funding. He sweeps in with his task force, disables the KITT Cave, removes KITT's chip and steals KITT for his own evil purposes. Michael turns to his buddy Wendell Holmes, an African American weapons expert who helps Michael put together some non-lethal weapons to fight the military with. At one point, the nerdy Billy poses as a journalist and immerses himself in a video game. Eleven-year-old video game fan Cody Sandstrom tells Billy to get a life. Also, there's a big stupid guy who hits on Sarah at a nightclub and doesn't take rejection well. [SpoilerTV] Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.