We weren't the only ones underwhelmed by the premiere of My Own Worst Enemy, NBC's latest attempt to deal with white middle class male disappointment over how their life has turned out by pretending that they're really secretly spies and even they don't know it. But we have a plan for how to make the show worth watching - and save the network's failing Monday night line-up at the same time: Bring Henry Spivey face-to-face with Chuck Bartowski.Crossing over the apparently-serious My Own Worst Enemy with comedic Chuck may not seem to make sense at first mention, but think about it for a second, and it becomes obvious that both shows are, essentially, telling the same story - That of a everyday working schlub who happens to have an exciting double life as a spy that no-one but he knows about, and the perils and hijinks that ensue from trying to make sure that that stays the case. So why not let the two shows crossover? (Actually, if it were up to me - and this is where the world becomes happy that I'm not in charge of television - I'd include the Berkut Group in there as well, and tie up any and all loose ends from Bionic Woman, which was in many ways the same show as My Own Worst Enemy but with less direction and a less compelling lead character. And, given how bland Christian Slater's two characters are, that's saying something.) Instead of the two series getting their dramatic peanut butter in someone else's comedy chocolate or whatever, cross-pollinating the two shows could help fill in the gaps of each; Chuck could try to gain some gravitas from the self-important Worst Enemy, while anyone who saw the pilot of Christian Slater's spy crew knows firsthand how much that series could do with some light relief that isn't "Hey, you fucked my wife, other-identity-me!" Also, temporarily merging the two shows would also give each series a chance to show their differences as much as their similarities - as well as give NBC a chance for a PR stunt that would draw some much-needed attention to the two Monday Night Boy Spy hours. It could be the quasi-dramatic version of that night when a blackout affected Friendsand lots of other shows that no-one remembers.