Christian Slater can go back to making cameo appearances in Star Trek VI for all we care. Our favorite Own Worst Enemy isn't NBC's latest spy drama, but the recent solo exhibition of Australian artist Meggs that mixes comic book and sci-fi images to create something pulpy, unsettling and altogether awesome. We've got some art from the show that will dazzle you.

Sponsored by Stussy, Meggs' solo Own Worst Enemy exhibition - which just closed in Melbourne's wonderfully-named "Don't Come Gallery" - features paintings, screenprints and other multimedia pieces bringing mass culture and graffiti culture into gallery spaces in an excitingly garish and dramatic way. Our favorite part of the show may not have been any of the amazing above images, however, but the paint-splattered He-Man busts that decorated the walls:

You can see more of the show - including photos from the opening night - on the artist's Flickr page.